Vishwa Samvad Kendra Dakshin Tamilnadu conducted “SRI NARAD JAYANTHI” Program for honoring the best columnist on 17.6.2019, 6.30 PM at Srimathi Indra Gandhi College at Trichy. In the Program, Sri R Ramasubbu, Dinamalar editor Trichy presided the program and in his speech, he stated, that “the news or stories when read from papers, books are more enjoyable then reading on computer, it can be felt only by the person who reads and understands. Further he expressed that it is an enigmatic and intriguing fact that this program was named SRI NARAD JAYANTHI VIZHAA. Maharishi Narad is the first columnist in the world as confirmed, from ancient information sources. So they named SRI NARAD JAYANTHI to present the commendation awards. The Narad maharishi’s role is communicating information one person to another in the three world and his information may have created many problems, but it will end in goodness finally likewise there are many examples; the controversy in the news column have received rave reviews and has made many rioting, but goodness prevails finally. From time immemorial the paper media was very popular, but now a day’s, media has taken new avatar of social media, television, online media and mobile media”. 

The chief guest of program RSS Akhila Bharateeya Prachaar Pramukh Sri ARUN KUMAR ji presented SANDESH PURASKAR AWARD to the best journalists and delivered his speech. In his speech, “if we want to spoil a country’s society, the people should forget about their past histories and their pride. That’s what is happening today. When talking about Narad jayanthi program, they say that RSS has invented new one. The first magazine in our nation was launched on birthday of maharishi Narad at Kolkata. A Bengali magazine Uthanta Marthanta, published that the maharishi Narad is the first reporter in the world. It was announced that our intention was to bring good news to the country like Narad. When the country’s first news agency was launched at Uttar Pradesh, in her greeting by the then, Governor of the State Sarojini naidu, Narad is the world’s first journalist and exhorted that messages should be published to make the country prosperous. Unknown and forgetting our past history, Narad jayanthi festival has become a matter of ridicule by the people. This country is built on the principle of dharma. When we forget to follow it, we have already forgotten our basics. The nation is changing. It is necessary to raise awareness of this fact. The message should be published immediately, without facing dislikes, wrath and fear of anyone. The journalists should be simple, accessible to anyone. He said the selection of such journalists was commendable when the award was presented at the Narad jayanthi festival. At the festival, the SANDESH PURASHAKAR AWARD was presented to Tamilnadu political magazine editor Sri. Trisakthi Sundarraman(A) Kargodan, Daily Dot Com Internet editor Sri. Senkottai Sriram, Sri. Hariprasanna, principal Editor of valam magazine and the famous writer Sri. Subu subramaniyam, Senior journalist Smt. Prema Nandakumar started the festival by lighting the lamps, Sri Rajendran ji, secretary, RSS south India and Sri Chelladurai ji, RSS Trichy division leader were also present. At the beginning, RSS South Tamilnadu media in charge Sri Krishna Muthuswamy ji, welcomed all the dignitaries, awardees and public. Sri Ramnath ji, South Tamilnadu in charge of Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Dakshin Kendra thanked all the awardees, chief guests and the august audience. 

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