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Chilling Traces Of ISIS In Town After Town In Tamilnadu

First it was Coimbatore. Now it is Tiruchirappalli. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) swooped on anti-national ISIS operatives in town after town in Tamilnadu. Lately, seven people were rounded up. House to house searches ensued. What the arrested persons confessed to SI Udayakumar were blood chilling plans. They had intended to kill innocent people including elders and children and conduct suicide bomb attacks. The photos, documents, videos confiscated by the police, revealed the modus operandi of the Colombo suicide bomb attack killing over 250 people. Many more suspected to be involved in the planning of the attack are in the NIA radar. Propaganda material printed in Tamil were seized. They were to be circulated among the people in many areas so that brainwashing can be carried out systematically to get converts to ISIS. The ISIS suspects had planned to attack ancient temples, churches etc. The Police were shaken by the list of such temples and churches from the documents seized. 

An Instance Of Prompt Hindu Response

It is common knowledge that the Church targets in a calculated manner families of Hindu Industrial biggies and celebrities for getting converts; frequently it flaunts success in this. The Hindu N. Ram, Ananda Vikatan proprietor, Infosys Narayanamurthy and TVS Venu Srinivasan, among others, are featured as prize catches. With Hindu population dwindling due to Love Jihad and rampant conversion bids in this part of Bharat, it is only natural for Hindus to view this Christian - Celebrity Hindu gang up with suspicion prima facie. In this eco system, if the news of the wedding slated for July 11 in Chennai of Malavika (daughter of carnatic musician Sudha Raghunathan) with the Ph.d Scholar from US Michael Murphy Jr., caused a furore in the social media, no one is to be blamed. Just last year Chennai rasikas witnessed the disgusting scene of half a dozen carnatic musicians being lured by the Church into singing songs in praise of Jesus! The traditional invite from the Sudha Raghunathan family mentioned the blessings of the pontiff of a revered Vaishnavite mutt (Srimath Azagiya Singar Mutt) for the wedding. Hindus raised questions about the Jeeyar blessing such a marriage, what with the pontiff being a stickler for Vaishnava practices. Apart from the prompt but polite Hindu response, there needs to be no hesitation in blessing the young couple. 

Seva Bharathi Tamilnadu Joins Force
In The War For Water Conservation

Groups of residents in several towns and villages in Tamilnadu, spade in hand, painted a heartening picture of desilting beds of water bodies that are bone dry now. Dinamalar, Tamil daily, provided the initial fillip by appealing to the readers to volunteer and prepare the lakes and ponds near their place for receiving and retaining rain water during the next monsoon to set in by October. Take the case of Selaiyur lake in the Chennai suburb; the 177-acre lake has the potential to be a water resource for the entire locality. But it is one of the most neglected water bodies on Chennai suburbs. It has been a dumping spot for garbage, raw sewage and solid waste for many years now. However, the lake has been undergoing an overhaul for the past six weeks, thanks to a group of organisations like Eco Society of India, Makkal Padhai, Seva Bharathi Tamil Nadu, Sabari Greens Foundation, etc. The crowdfunded operation has seen resident welfare associations contributing to the equipment used like the JCBs. As many as 20 to 25 volunteers — residents and members of NGOs have been working on Saturdays and Sundays for the past few weeks.

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