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Harmony in the State? 
‘King Raja Raja Chola’s period was the dooms-day in the history of Tamilnadu’ spewed venom by yet another Urban Naxal Director P Ranjit in a recent meeting at Kumbakonam. He alleged that the king usurped lands from the downtrodden (Dalits/Paraiyars) for construction of temple, created 400 devadasis and ruined their life etc. His hate speech received condemnations from various spheres of the society. Tamil History and Sociology experts appeared on TV saying Ranjit's claims are baseless. Hindu organizations lodged a complaint alleging that the director’s speech was aimed at creating divisions among castes and against the sovereignty of the country. Sensing the repercussions across the state, P Ranjit took a back step saying he just quoted what is said in Tamil books and not meant to be abusive. He also applied for anticipatory bail. Adding fuel, Communist Arunan also voted for Ranjit's claims against Rajaraja in his tweet. A Dravida Kazagam speaker,Su Arivukkarasu abused Poet Kambar in his speech saying, Ramayana tamil translation is a dirty work of Rascal Kamban. Although abusing Hindu Gods by atheist clubs is nothing new to Tamilnadu, but abusing great Kings, rulers, warriors, poets is now in vogue. It is worth recalling about the exhibition in St.Joseph's college Trichy, last year which had a row abusing the Naickar kings. Recently, Bishop Ezra Sargunam tried to establish that establish that Hindu religion does not exist and Hinduism is an ‘artificial religion’ and encouraged them to punch them, bleed them who claims that Hinduism is a religion. Surprisingly, there is not even a murmur from the so-called, very active Tamil Desiyam faces in the state Seeman, Thirumurugan Gandhi, Vaiko who were very vocal about Tamil history and Tamil culture have not even raised their fingers against these Tamil Hate speeches. The TV media is also silent. In most cases, police file case and follow up action is not taken. It is high time that intellectuals, administrators take necessary action to ensure harmony in the State. 


Tamil Nadu witnessed a good number of outcome percentage to the NEET EXAMS conducted in comparison to other states. This time around the passers have scored some exemplary marks, as most of them were second timers or repeaters, the mentality of the students to prepare also mattered a lot this time around. The Government also pitched in its support by conducting Residential coaching classes for the preparation, while some of them had the preparation classes as part of school curriculum. This immense effort by the Central Government to bring about a Uniform said pattern to the exams conducted, is eradicating Middlemen, who extract money from gullible people in procuring seats. This has also set a full stop to those managements of all private medical colleges who took money and gifted away seats to the highest bidder. 

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