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Anti-Hindi Zealots, This Is Not 1965, For Sure! 

Netizens demanded their pound of flesh from the DMK which is spearheading protests against perceived Hindi imposition through the New Education Policy. They asked M.K.Stalin family that runs a school where Hindi is taught to close down the school. This is definitely not the year 1965. Today anti Hindi utterances get prompt and curt rebuttals. “The NEP of the Union government suggests learning the Hindi language be made compulsory till 8th standard across the country while maintaining a three-language formula”, The Indian Express Delhi reported mischievously, setting in motion anti Hindi protests. "The Committee on New Education Policy in its draft report has not recommended making any language compulsory. This clarification is necessitated in the wake of mischievous and misleading report in a section of the media," Minister Prakash Javadekar tweeted, thus calling the bluff forthright. 

Seed Sown Decades Ago; It Sprouted Last Month! 

It was 1999. About 140 persons, all accused in cases revolving around the forest brigand Veerappan, who was killed in an encounter, had to travel daily from their village in MM Hills to Mysore -- a distance of more than 150 kms -- to appear before the TADA court there. None dared to help them. They approached BJP’s V. Sreenivasa Prasad, who was a Central minister then. Prasad arranged their stay in a farmhouse in Mysore. He also provided them free ration for over 6 months. Prasad forgot the incident. But the villagers did not. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Prasad won with a slender margin of 1,816 votes, thanks to the combined decision of the villagers. They had met and decided to vote for prasad. Atleast 1,500 of them voted for Prasad. “I am happy that those people remember it after two decades and supported me”, he said. 

When Hot Chennai Tumbled Upon The Tip of An Iceberg! 

On May 24, one Zia Ul haq, aged 19, who came to Chennai airport to board a plane to Dubai was arrested by CISF security personnel, on suspicion. It was found that he was a Bangladeshi. Based on the information from Zia Ul Haq, three more Bangladeshis were are also held by the police. They were identified as Ras Al Hussain, Sadiq Hussain and Jahangir Hussain. The gang was helping Bangladeshi nationals enter India via Nepal. It was found that they prepared Aadhar cards to show them as residents of Bihar and Orissa. The Bangladeshis then travelled to Chennai for work. The gang was found to produce fake passports too to smuggle in Bangladeshis into India. The arrest of the four is just the tip of the Iceberg, say the police. Security authorities are investigating whether the gang send Bangladeshis as manpower to terrorist groups. Repeatedly Tiruppur is in the news regard to arrest of Bangladeshis sitting pretty in this hosiery town mobilizing jihadis. 

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