Seva by UBBS during cyclonic Fani

Bhubananeswar/Puri 8/5 The Oceanic cyclone “FANI” has struck the different districts of Odisha such as Puri, Khurdha, Jagatasinghpur, Kendrapada, Cuttack and Jajpur. The volunteers of Utkal Bipnna Sahayata Samiti, (UBSS) has been able reach to the people with a helping hand and has provided Thatched rice, Gur, Drinking Water, Candles , Match box, Polythene / tarpaulins and Mosquito coils to the people in need.

Till date the Samiti has been able distribute 42,200 tarpaulins/ Polythene in Puri, In Nimapada 1050 and in Dandamukundapur 4270 and in Jatni 70 of tarpaulins/ Polythene. In addition to the above the Samiti has distributed 1750 packets dry food, Ten Quintals of Chuda, One quintals of GUR( Sugar candi) , 92 cartoons of candles, 2000 packets of Match box and more than one lakh bottles of drinking water. The Samiti has started 10 numbers of zones for distribution of materials in different Saraswati Sishu Mandir Ghoda bazaar, Puri, Brahamgiri, Dandamukundapur, Nimapada, Unit -3 Bhubaneswar , Soran, Balipatna, Jatni,of Puri district and Saraswati Suishu Mandir of Mahanadi Bihar, Olatapur in Cuttack district.

The Samiti has been able to provide Cocked food for the last SIX days. In Ghoda Bazar Saraswatrti Sishu Mandir the Samiti has provided cocked food to 5,600 to the affected people and in Dandamukundapur 2,200 people ware given cocked food. On 3rd itself it has provided cocked food for more than 400 ( both day and night ) slum dwellers of Mancheswar near the office buildings of the Samiti and we expect to start other distribution zones in other places too.

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