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Kamalhasan and his preposterous "Hindu Terror" 

Hindutva is a topic totally irrelevant to the Lok Sabha/assembly poll campaign. But the actor turned political party leader Kamalhaasan intentionally raked up the issue. He thought Hindu society as usual will remain silent. It proved to be otherwise. What is ISIS to Muslims, RSS is to Hindus. That was a comparison made by K S Alagiri, TNCC President while expressing his support to Kamal’s utterances. 

Pallapatti, a Muslim majority village in Aravakurichi Assembly Constituency in Karur District. It is at this spot that Tamil film actor turned political party leader Kamalhassan uttered a couple of sentences that evoked instant and strong opposition across the whole country. . ".The first Terrorist in Independent India is a Hindu. His name was Nathuram Godse." Brazenly thus, he reopened the Hindu Terror cliche. Soon, his facebook post and twitter handle campaigning for this candidate in the bye poll was flooded with responses, repercussions and condemnations by Netizens. H.Raja, Tamilisai Soundarajan, Minister Rajendra Balaji and Subramaniam Swamy condemned this venomous speech,trying to divide peace loving Hindus and muslims in Tamilnadu. Swamy Went further calling for cancellation of Kamalhassan's party recognition. Seeing these protests Kamalhassan cancelled his campaign in Aravakurichi and went back.Hindu bashing is a old sport to political mileage in TN polity. Leaders who spit venom on Hindu practices and religion have always been welcomed to share the minority votes in TN. Its now time for the minority to stand with their Hindu brethren ,and condemn such speeches will no longer bag votes from their community. 

TN Cops Could be Like This Too

Chennai police commissioner Visvanathan said some time back that cops should aspire to be more humane so that the image of the force could be changed for the better. The NEET exam center at Coimbatore provided the most recent instance. A boy student was seen aimlessly wandering the campus. When asked why wasn’t he in the hall writing the exam, he told the police constable, P. Saravanakumar, who was on duty, that he forgot to bring his photos for the exam. Immediately he gave the boy Rs.40 and helped him not only to take photos but also write the exam. His gesture was appreciated by all. In another incident reported recently when a woman police constable Mahalakshmi, posted in Korukkupet (Chennai) police station, was seen lamenting, who will perform my ‘valai kappu’ (bangle ceremony which is conducted during pregnancy), with all my relatives living in Kovilpatti in far off Thoothukudi district. Immediately, the other staff put their heads together and arranged for the ceremony to be performed in the police station itself. Inspectors of Crime Branch and Law & Order were the special invitees; 11 plates of ‘seer varisai’ (gifts) and 5 plates of mixed rice were procured; bangles were adorned on the wrists of Mahalakshmi. The function was celebrated with due gaiety.

Unseemly Quarrel Over A Rishi’s Name

These days, the name of Patanjali, is associated with Yoga Guru Ram Dev. Patanjali is the namre of the sage who wrote yoga sutras centuries ago. In an unusual case, a mobile app of city-based Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, a yoga guru, featuring his chants of Patanjali Yoga Sutras has been slapped with a trademark infringement notice by the Patanjali Ayurved Ltd of Baba Ramdev. The representative of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd, said: “We are concerned with the recent proliferation of fraudulent and infringing activities of people who are trying to make illegal profit by offering apps posing as they are part of the Patanjali group.” Bhavanani said he found it “absolutely ridiculous that Maharishi Patanjali, that wonderful and humane person who gifted us the whole yoga darshan, is now being put into a box and people are claiming that they can trademark him and you cannot even use the term ‘Patanjali’. These ancient traditional teachings and the text Patanjali Yoga Sutra and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are in public domain and documented through the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library of the Government of India, it was pointed out.

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