ABVP National Executive Council Meet begins in Chennai

The ABVP-NATINONAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MEETING, CIVIC RECEPTION was held in Chennai on 26th May, 2019. The three-day ABVP National Executive Council Meet began with lighting of lamp and prayer song. The dignitaries present on the dais were Swami Vimrutaananda of Ramakrishna Mutt, Sri. G.V. Selvam, Vice Chancellor VIT, Dr. Subbiah, National President, ABVP, Sri. Asish Chauhan, National General Secretary-ABVP, Dr. Tamizh Nayagam, State President, ABVP and Sri. L. Karthikeyan TN state secretary. 

DR. Tamizh Nayagam, State President welcomed all the dignitaries. In the inaugural speech by Sri G V Selvam, Vice President, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chairman Reception Committee appreciated the efforts done with good deliberation by the reception committee of the National Executive Council. India having the maximum advantage of youth power in the 130 plus population where 50% of the youth are less than 25 years and 25% are less than 14 years which would enable the administration of India in the future. The service to our country is done beyond language, religion, caste, which unites us together in our success and our Prime Minister has proved this fact. In his recent the Prime Minister also talked about energy and synergy while talking about youngsters in this country. But the irony is that the youngsters prefer wealth over health, where they are money minded and they are conscious about the price tag to the jobs given rather than character building process. The youngsters should be more open minded, merging with Indian-Asian culture. 

We are aping the west, where as they are in awe with our family systems, values. The brain drain is happening because of this, is a cause for worry. We should study, earn in abroad and come back to India. Government is not, be all and end all and the public should change their attitude to provide ourselves with all the amenities despite it being there. Arignar Ánna always quoted that if you want to develop good leadership then one should go to people, stay, live with them and start with what they have to know about their way of life. The qualities one should develop are listening to others. Maturity to discuss even small things, every day is a learning till death where sky is the limit, where one should work more, talk less, grooming the youngsters for leadership. 

One should be careful about choosing the right person for the right job prior to the selection. Essence of knowledge should be applied which should not lead to confession of ignorance. Youngsters should always share their money and knowledge, like choose a thorn path so that the end will be beautiful and best, where as if one chooses the rose petal path, it will have a difficult and different end. The youngsters should be not be job takers but job takers. They should be entrepreneurs and self-employed. We should believe that this will happen in AKANDA BHARATHAM. We have to believe in 2 H- that is HARD WORK, HONESTY”. 

Sri Asish Chauhan, National General Secretary ABVP, in his scintillating speech said, Tamil Nadu being a strong state and whole of India gathered there, how much awe he was when he saw the Thanjavur Temple for the first time, which is 1000s year old which is glory of India and a mammoth structure too. Ethnic prime civilisation is in Tamil Nadu which is the beautiful essence of India. India is enigmatic as Tamil Nadu, which has the ancient scriptures in tamizh, metropolitan state, where global organizations come here, many generations of civilizations have been in the past and people have understood our culture. With the most recent mammoth festival called the elections 2019 being celebrated, out of 90 crores voters, 60 crores voted, which is by any standard the biggest voting population in comparison to other countries, the most extraordinary thing being no mis-match between VVPATs and paper slips. India this time around has voted above caste, religion, national security proven stronger, 100% voting campaign being NATION FIRST, VOTING MUST, NO NOTA. ABVP, played a small part in 2014 elections where 67% people voted. He regaled the interesting story of how T N Seshan found the rules of election in Uthiramerur engraved stones as guided by the Acharyan at Kanchi Mutt. The rules are being followed to this day. 

The organization ABVP has increased its numbers with India becoming more populous. The people of the old batch of ABVP who dealt with students the same is being carried on as the old tradition with same emotions, empathy, love and affection. It is the organization with NATION FIRST, closer to their hearts and a solid wall of integration. The social problems are also dealt with the same apathy be it harassment at work place, Institutions, women were taught self-defence, making them fearless, the solution was sought at 360 degrees on these issues, where their protests brought solutions to the country. Shri Arun Shourie once even quoted how ABVP is the only organization with the solution to handle these issues in a different way. Students in their semester breaks are quite used to travelling from urban to rural areas to appreciate the underlying differences in caste, living and other standards of life which was the idea as dreamt by Dr. Ambedkar, Swami Vivekananda and Guruji Golwalkar. So these can change the lives of the people and the evils in the society can be uprooted and removed from the society. The only main aim of ABVP is to destabilise the anti-national and social elements from the society for the past two years”. 

Swami Vimruthaananda ji in his speech, “Apart from the 2-H, HONESTY AND HARD WORK, he added one more H which is Namaste, Right hand is the brain, left hand being the heart, when one does Namaste it becomes the working hand and INTEGRATED part of our culture too. It is really saddening to note that youngsters are becoming more and more conscious of career, money and gadgets. The younger generation should be moulded for NATIONAL BUILDING AND CHARACTER BUILDING. ABVP is constructing India as Swami Vivekananda wished for youth and youngsters. We should develop the nation with these youngsters as powerful defence as Army, Navy and Air force as another force called the CULTURAL force – Nation and character building as Swami Vivekananda wished for. The whole reason why the youngsters are having unhealthy thoughts and doing wrong activities in the society is only owing to unnecessary information gotten and seen in gadgets, where the family, society and country as a whole is suffering. Building healthy India should be our goal. 

The passion towards nation should be such, like soldiers, and the youngsters should be prepared to DESH KE LIYE JEENA HAIN, DESH KE LIYE MARNA HAIN. The positive thoughts would bring only positive changes in the society. Westerners are awed by our practices and culture whereas we are trying to ape the west by talking in English and wearing clothes like them. When we stand up on the strength of our own culture everyone’s attention will turn to us. He narrated the expansion for ABVP as, A-All powerful, B-Bold, V-Victorious, P-Patriotic”. 

Dr. Subbiah Shanmugam, National President ABVP, “If tamizh language is the mother tongue for people from south, then Hindi Language is the language of the Mother Bharat. We might be having big population but our hearts are one, languages may be different but our thinking is the same. Protest of NEET is done by false Dravidian politicians. The making of black money is stopped by the introduction of NEET exams as it is based on merit not by cash dealings and it is a process of National Integration”, he said. He quoted tamizh poet Bharathi who said that from eight directions, eight arts can be brought, which is a unifying factor of our country. We are united from Himalaya to Kanyakumari. He recalled the ancient king perunchotrucheranaathan who ensured that when Mahabharata battle was fought this king ensured that both the sides were fed well during the war days. He also recalled how Lord Shiva considered Kaaraikal ammayaaar to be his mother. Such is our culture, rich and full of past history which are even relived to this day. Kanyakumari is thought of to be tears of Maa Sita and the foot dust of Lord Rama where Swami Vivekananda also spent his time there. He reiterated the struggles of our freedom fighters and the jalianwalah bagh massacre as written by SubadhraKumari Chauhan. 

While reminiscing the past where in Parthasarathy Temple till 1928 the fishermen fold used to carry Parthasarathy idol, till the Justice Party of India came into vogue and he insisted that when upper castes have to character, they don’t get any respect, at the same time a chandal is given good respect when he has good character. He regaled how nandhanaar wasn’t allowed into Chidambaram temple by the upper castes. 

He is saddened by the trend that people are ashamed to learn tamizh language as they think it is the fad to learn, know and talk in English these days. ABVP has really brought all people from North, East, West and South regions of India. 

Vote of thanks was rendered by Sri. L. Karthikeyan, who profusely thanked all the dignitaries and guests for the evening. 

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