Annual RSS Sangha Shiksha Varga begins in Tamilnadu

The Annual Sangh Siksha Vargha of North Tamilnadu for 20 days was inaugurated by Shri Suresh Babu, Director, Narayani Shakti Peetam (renowned Golden Temple), Sripuram, Vellore  by lighting of the lamp on Sunday, the  21st April 2019.  

 Speaking on the occasion, Shri Suresh Babu said that the training camp will impart both Dhaiva Bhakti and Desh Bhakti.  Dhaiva Bhakti will help in moulding the character and Desh Bhakti will help in loving fellow citizens and render social service to them.  He informed that the Training Camp has the blessings of Poojya Swami Narayani Amma of Narayani Shakti Peetam.

Shri A.RamakrishnaPrasad, Saha-Karyavah (Joint Secretary) of North Tamilnadu in his inaugural speech highlighted the purpose of the Sangh Shiksha varga which is to bring out the internal beauty (talents, good qualities etc) in each and everyone undergoing the training whereas the media concentrates on external beauty.  He further said that like we pay more price for anything that is pure like pure cotton, pure silk, pure ghee etc., each trainee should pay a high price for developing a pure mind by way of whole-hearted participation in all the programmes from early morning to night on all the 20 days. Since mind is both a best friend and a worst enemy, as stated by Lord Krishna in Gita, the training will concentrate on making the mind a best friend in respect of all the trainees.

175 trainees, drawn from various places of North Tamilnadu and trainees from all walks of the society i.e. from students to businessmen, professionals participates in the Camp.  Mananeeya Shri Jagadeesan, Vellore Jilla Sanghachalak who will be the Vargha Adhikari (Camp President) was present on the dais. Shri S.Rajendran, Kshetra Karyavah (Zonal Secretary) of North Tamilnadu, South Tamilnadu and Kerala and many state leaders of North Tamilnadu were also present.   Many Reception Committee Members (out of 105 prominent members constituted for the Camp under the Presidentship of Shri G.V.Selvam of VIT, Vellore) attended the inaugural function and offered floral tribute to Bharata Mata portrait.       

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