RSS-ABPS 2019 National Scenario Reporting

The Socio-political landscape of nation remains a mixture of some inspiring vents as well as some disquieting events which upset the social fabric. Sometimes the feelings of unrest, disappointment, apathy and anger dominate the social atmosphere. Efforts are needed at all levels to preserve the balance and to create an atmosphere of mutual trust amongst society.

Hindutva is neither secluded, rigid and nor uniform. Diversity and special modes of worship are our specialty. At local level, festivities, customs and traditions are varied across the states from east to west and from north to south. For hundreds of years the social life is flowing with such traditions and beliefs.

Reverence and values are the pivots of Hindu society. The accepted norms and traditions guide the social behavior. Hence, it is not just the legal process but social traditions and acceptance are also important here.

The Supreme Court, in the Sabarimala case, without taking into consideration all relevant entities and customs, delivered a judgment even without consideration of the different opinion of the lone women member of the bench.

It was not binding on the state Government to implement the decision in any stipulated time frame, but without understanding the nuances of the Judgment, the state Government has shown undue haste and political ill-will towards the Hindu society by facilitating forcible entry of non-Hindu and non-devotee women in the Temple.

In Ram-janmabhoomi case, instead of accelerating the judicial process to end the long drawn dispute, the Supreme Court has taken a surprising stand. That the Supreme Court should find no priority for this sensitive subject associated with deep faith of Hindu society is beyond understanding. We are experiencing that Hindus are constantly being neglected. While having full respect in the judicial system we would like to say emphatically that the Judgment on the dispute must expedite and remove the obstacles in constructing a grand Temple.

Recently the Ardh Kumbh concluded in Prayagraj. From the revered saints to the common devotees, all have witnessed sufficient and decent facilities, cleanliness and availability of clean flow of water for holy bath. A mammoth gathering has been peaceful and disciplined. The planning of the Government was quite appreciable.

On this occasion intellectual brainstorming sessions were also conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Government in association with various social institutions. Seminars were arranged on Samarasta, environment, youth and women issues. The saints of various sects came together in Kumbh to discuss the issue of ‘social inclusion.’

A grand ‘Netra Kumbh’ was organized with the help of various organizations which are active in the field of social service and health sector. Ophthalmic diagnosis service was given to 1,36,429 people and 1,01,705 spectacles were distributed. Eye surgery was also performed as per necessity.

Exclusive platform was provided to the artists and performers of the North East states. With many such initiatives, this ‘Ardh Kumbh’ has been a unique phenomenon.

Our nation will go through the election process in the coming months. It is always expected that elections should be held in healthy and congenial atmosphere. It is necessary that 100% voters exercise their constitutional right to cast vote. The development of nation and safeguarding its pride is possible only in the hands of a group which is honest and committed to the national interest. Therefore it is our national duty to be alert and to discharge our responsibility in the election process.

The external forces, with the help of some anti national internal elements, are giving shape to violent incidents. The attacks on the camps of Army and defense forces, intrusive attacks in the border areas by Pakistan Army, the recent Pulwama attack, the resultant deaths of citizens and security personnel, all this is very tragic. Nobody should take our tolerance as assign of our weakness.

All social and political forces have displayed a spirit of unity at such times. Along with that, it is necessary that Government should take stern action against anti national forces and people should feel a sense of security. Present Government is taking praiseworthy efforts in this direction.

It is necessary that along with administration, the common people should also be vigilant. The religious and social institutions which are doing the social awakening should do so more effectively and actively. Even educational institutions can play an important role in social awakening along with educational activities.

The Sangh karkaryakartas also should have more contact with the various positive social initiatives and activities. The well intentioned forces working in the national interest should succeed so that their impact will grow. We should be confident that we shall be able to bring all these positive forces together. In today’s favorable conditions if do hard work then we will experience that we are moving ahead towards our goal.

Let us do our work as worship. The period in which we experienced neglect and apathy is over. Let us resolve to move ahead with courage, imagination and enthusiasm.

Late us remember Sant Kabir

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