RSS-ABPS 2019 - Gati Vidhi Reporting

Gram Vikas
A core team of Karyakartas for Gram Vikas is in place now in all Prants. A two day Akhil Bharatiya Sammelan of the Prant teams was organized in the Ravindra Nagar village of Avadh Prant. 180 karyakarta representing all Prants were present.

‘Yuva Gram Vikas Sangam’, a gathering of youth karyakartas was organized in Devgiri Prant. 712 Youth from selected 71 villagess participated. Shri. Sitaram ji kedilay guided the program. In the concluding session, 100 youth pledged to dedicate 1 year for the gram Vikas activity.
Training camps for various dimensions of Gram Vikas were organized.

Some of the highlights are
· Cow based farming – 110 activists from 50 places participated. P.P. Sarsanghachalak and P. Swami Kadsiddheshwar ji of kaneri Math were present and guided the participants.
· A training campwas organized in telangana Prant in which 1000 farmers participated.
· In Rupa Khedi Khand of Malwa Prant 400 farmers are doing cow based farming.
· Water resource management work in devgiri Prant and land resource management work in Rajasthan deserves special mention.
· In Karnataka Dakshin 24 women are working full time for Gram Vikas.

Due to increasing co-operation of agricultural Universities, scientists, Krushi Vigyan Kendras of various places the gram Vikas work is gaining momentum.

Gau Sewa

According to Akhil Bharatiya plan, training camps were organized at 61 places in 43 Prant in which 2179 karyakartas participated. In addition to this 305 training camps were organized in various places by Prant unit. More than 10000 people participated in these camps.

Gopashtami programs were organized at 6538 places in which 1 lakh 70000 people participated. As of now 3224 gaushala, Math and Temples are in regular contact. At 468 places various products based on ‘Panchgavya’ are being manufactured. More than 17000 farmers have turned to cow based farming. Awareness programs on various related subjects were arranged at 68 places in which 40000 people participated.

Kutumb Prabodhan

Work has started in all Prant. In the Akhil Bharatiy Baithak of Prant Sanyojak 38 Prant were represented. P. P. Sarsanghachalak guided the Baithak. The special points mentioned were

· In Bharat, person family and society are but manifestations of that one consciousness.
· Family is the primary prototype of the society which is essential for nurturing desirable values.
· That is why family is a school as well as a temple.

There is growing attraction towards the work of Kutumb Prabodhan. Swayamsevaks of all Vyavasayi Shakhas can play important role in this work. In Karnataka, Vidarbh and Hariyana Prant work is gaining momentum.

Samajik Samarasta

1400 Karyakartas participated in the training camps held in 37 Prant. Akhil Bharatiya camp was organized at Nagpur for Vibhag and Prant Samyojak. 414 karyakartas were present. P.P. Sarsanghachalak guided the participants.

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