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A New India Takes wings; Thank You, Wing Commander!
"India strikes back" - has been the hot topic worldwide recently. If we say India won the game, undoubtedly, man of the match is IAF's wing commander Abhinandan. He hit the target - an F16, all the while maneuvering his 2nd generation MIG 21.The grit he displayed once caught in enemy's land is cherished by the army clan worldwide. Destroying the evidence once you are in the enemy's land is the first lesson one learns in army school.Even when Abhinandan was caught and beaten by Pakistani locals, he calmly but quickly destroyed the evidence - maps - by throwing them part in water and part by swallowing .His calm demeanor while answering the Pak army, firmly denying information for few questions,his smile bearing face while videoing him all speaks volumes about the training a soldier receives in India.True to his land , smile on his face, proud about his army, Abhinandan is a soldier his masters at IDA would be proud of. The phenomenon of Abhinandan packs yet another punch. No power on earth would dare cast a glance at India with evil eyes hereafter, as the downing of the F 16 points to. That single feat speaks of the new India emerging in place of the docile giant it was under earlier dispensations. 

Midnight Gau Seva By Chennai Cops
Late in the night one day last week, a cow lay in the middle of the road, close to Nageswara Rao Park, Mylapore, Chennai. It was gasping for breath. V. Pandiayan, sub Inspector and J.Jeyachandran, constable, were on patrol duty. They found the cow. At once they arranged barricades around the cow so as to protect it. They realised that the cow was in labour pain. It could not even stand up as it was hungry. So the duo fed the cow with chappatis and idlies that the residents in the neighbourhood brought. Meanwhile, a cowherd in Mandaveli was alerted; he brought hay and fed the cow. Members of the public brought buckets of water for the cow to quench its thirst. Thus, the policemen saved the cow with the help of the residents. The cow was safely handed over to the Blue Cross, who later on informed that the cow was delivered of a calf and the condition of both the cow and calf was ok. City police commissioner A.K. Viswanathan lauded the kindness exhibited by sub-inspector and constable attached to Mylapore police station and rewarded them. He wanted policemen to be humane since the department suffered owing to a negative image.

Rough and Ready, But Imbued with Shiv Bhakti
Thousands of runners in saffron ...120 Kms...12 Stops...1 full day non stop running..No, we are 'nt talking about marathon.It is Sivalaya Ottam of Kanyakumari on a Mahasivarathri Day. Devotees across the district and the neighbouring Kerala start the ‘Sivalaya Ottam’ after worshipping Shiva at Thirumalai Mahadevar Temple in Munchirai. The devotional run aims to have darshan of 12 prominent Shiva temples in different parts of the district within a radius of 125 km,Devotees fast for a week,preparing the mind and body to this tasking Sivarathri darshan. Taking a holy-dip in the Thamirabharani river at Munchirai, clad in saffron robes with a palm-leaf fan on hand, chanting "Govinda... Gopaala..." they begin all-day-long running. The pilgrims receive the holy ashes, "Thiruneer" from all the eleven temples. The purpose for the pilgrimage is believed to be fulfilled only by receiving the Sandal-paste from the final Sankaranarayanar Temple at Thirunattalam. Starting with Siva Temple and getting Prasad from Vishnu Temple, chanting Vishnu mantra throughout the run, this event is truly the quintessesnce of Saiva-Vaishnava unity.Science says a healthy person can walk non-stop 32 Kms with little breaks.But Sivalaya ottam Challenges this. These devotees not trained for long marathon nor follow the long diet that sports nutritionists prescribe. The only thing that keeps them going temple after temple is their devotion and grit. While a regular Hindu temple goer is calm and poise with vibhooti in forehead clad in traditional attire, a Sivalaya Ottam devotee displays dynamic bhakti, toned mind and body ,with stamina challenging body limits and rugged stance. May his tribe increase. that is the need of the hour what with the testing days for Sanatana Dharma.

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