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These Chennai Teens Want To Be The Change They Want To Make

Thiruvottiyur Municipal Middle School near Chennai was set up by the government for families affected by the 2004 tsunami. It hasn’t had any infrastructural upgrade. It lacks basic facilities like tables, chairs, sanitation. The bathrooms are broken and the school doesn’t have a proper library; the school is in dire need of attention,” explains 17-year-old Manav. Manav and four of his friends Dhruv, Rishab, Aakarsh and Ganesh – all in their teens decided to form and run WE HELP — a club that aims to help underprivileged schools in isolated parts of Chennai. The club hosted its first event, a football tournament, to raise funds for the school. “We adopted the school. The school management has given us a list of things they need. We are hoping to raise enough funds to provide necessary furniture, fix toilets, and better the infrastructure,” he says. More details in --

10,000 litres of water per day from Desalination plant in Kanyakumari, Thanks to an IIT Madras Team

A team of IIT-Madras has set up India’s first solar-powered desalination plant in Tamil Nadu. The plant, situated on a 120 square meter (sqm) area near Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari, has a capacity to generate 10,000 liters of fresh water a day. Professor A Mani of IIT Madras stated that at the plant, the surface seawater is pumped in a collector that traps sun’s radiation and converts it into heat. The sun’s energy is used to heat seawater, which is at 37 degree Celsius, to 70 degree Celsius and above. The hot water is then pushed into a flash chamber under vacuum and around one percent turned into vapour, which is sent to a condenser and cooled with sea surface water to generate fresh waterAs per the statement of IIT said, The freshwater generated by the plant has only 2 parts per million (ppm) of dissolved salts. For drinking, WHO recommends water with 500 ppm. So, we mix this water with local municipal water. According to the report, the Rs 1.22 crore experimental project is funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences and will be soon inaugurated.

The Spy Who Spilled The Beans And Rues His Fate Now

Post Pulwama, Pakistan is suspect everywhere. Pak hand in staging terror attacks inside Bharat – in Chennai and Bengaluru to be precise - was seen clearly in a letter from Mohammed Sakir Hussain (a Sri Lankan National, an ISI spy, caught by NIA in 2014 at Chennai and lodged in the Puzhal prison, Chennai) to higher officials expressing his fear that ISI was bent upon finishing him since he had confessed his crime to NIA. ISI also wants him to backtrack on his confession during pending trial at Madras High Court. Hussain’s letter named Amir Zubair Siddique, a former Pakistan diplomat at Colombo mission, as his handler. Hussain had entered India, allegedly to carry out reconnaissance of the US Consulate in Chennai, Israeli Consulate in Bangalore and other installations. He is undergoing a five-year term since 2014. It is not only the fear for his life under threat, but also to his family members at Sri Lanka, has made sakir report about the looming danger to the authorities. After his petition to this effect, he was shifted to Cuddalore Prison in mid January. His family members in Sri Lanka have come under the protection of RAW reports say.

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