Love for Motherland is the key to combat any threat, Shri Indresh Kumar

Forum for Awareness of National Security(FANS),Tamilnadu Chapter organized a seminar on National Security at DG Vaishnav College,Arumbakkam on 28 Dec 2018. Mentored by Shri.Indresh Ji, the event saw many towering personalities sharing their views on the threats Bharat is facing in every perspective. 

There were papers presented concerning internal and external security threats this country counters in present scenario. Apart from Border and Internal state security, IAS and IPS officers, eminent politicians, educationists, media personalities threw open their views on Neo age security threats like Economic security, Environmental security & threats, Coastal Security, Narcotic threats and Media security . 

Shri Ranganathan, CEO Giri Traders rendered invocation song. 

H.H. Mahamandaleshwar Swamy Yatindranand Giri of Juna Akhara, Haridwar blessed the audience. 

Shri.Gaulekh Bihar Rai ji inaugurated the paper presentation session. In his inaugural speech, he stressed that National security should not be a matter of debate, but a concern. He touched on the Dokhlam issue stating that Bharat has shown the world that it can win wars with gunfires and without gunfires too. Indian opinion and thoughts have gained foothold in UN and worldwide since 2014. Shri Rajkumar Khemka ji welcomed the gathering. 

Shri Balachandran ji Former IPS and DGP, moderated the session and kept the crowd live with his real time experiences on security incidents both in India and abroad. 

Shri Chandramouli Ji, KVIC member spoke elaborately on economic issues with respect to national security. It is the one Shri Mahatma Gandhi who spoke on economic security, floated the concept of ‘naya thali’ in 1940s, he said. He inferred that all red corridor terror and internal security threats Bharat is facing is due to lack of economic security in naxal and terrorist zones. Our Prime minister’s initiative of Skill India and Make in India are programs created to address economic insecurities and threats in this country, especially in rural areas. National Honey Mission, Bamboo Mission and Banana value add programs are created by the Government of Bharat to strengthen rural economy and empower them so they do not fall prey in wrong hands. As basic Indian economy is agriculture, he appealed to utilise natural resources in rural areas using proper technology, rethink with regard to rural India. 

Shri Pon Vijayaraghvan Ji,from BJP Kisan Morcha, threw light upon layman’s concern about coastal security. Our neighbouring countries are not only those which share our land terrain borders but also those which share our ocean and sea borders, he expressed. He spoke on the history of coastguard and coastal police formation. He reiterated on the need to involve the fisherman folk on the coastal security issues. Prevention of pollution in our country waters is also a important part in coastal security, he highlighted. As coastal areas are vulnerable to threats, coastal police force is to be strengthened, fishermen communities should be empowered and enlightened. Marine life which is also in danger, continental shelf area should be protected, he said. 

Dr.S.Rega, Professor, Environmental Sciences Department,Kumararani Meena Muthiah College, gave a presentation on environmental security and people involvement. She accentuated on the need for public participation in environmental issues. 

Shri.Shankar Jeeva, ADGP & Chief Vigilance Officer,spoke on Narcotic security. He threw light on statistics of narcotics movement in and out of our country. He also took questions from viewers on destruction of seized narcotics and decriminalization of drugs in western countries. 

Dr.Ignacimuthu, Professor Loyola College gave a short talk on Biodiversity and reduced use of pesticides. Shri.Rangaraj Pandey, Media person, appealed on the need to take this seminar to a larger crowd and people with conflicting opinions on national security. 

Shri.Indresh Ji, Muslim Rashtriya Manch concluded the seminar with a enticing speech. Love for Mother land is obligatory to combat any threat that India is facing. Being a multi linguistic country, he dwelled on the need to have a robust communication and sharing mode to share each other aspirations in a unified tone, in the absence of which miscommunication will also mount as a threat in this country. India is an epitome of secular Harmony. It is a Vishwaguru when it comes to pluralistic society living amongst all other developed countries. Anyone who says this country is communal is mentally bankrupt, he condemned. Being a Multi religious country, he warned that conversion is also a threat to the social fabric of this country and internal security. Separatism in any form should be proscribed. Separatist thoughts dilute the one nation theory and gives rise to divided ideas like Khalistan, Kashmir, Separate Tamilnadu, Bodoland etc. These should be nibbed in the bud by the Government of India. In a dialogue with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he mentioned that stated there is a need for Pakistan to be friendly with India, else it will have its own funeral one day. He expressed his desire to have all neighbouring countries border as Public Border and not Army border. He also mentioned the need of our history to be retold. So far, the Indian History has only been the history of Aggressors who were nothing short of looters and killers and alien to the Bharatheeya culture. He gave examples of Swami Vivekanand and Mahatma Gandhi, who went and contributed significantly for the betterment of foreign lands they visited, but were never a part of that Nation’s history. History of Bharat should rather be about the brave men and women who fought for this country, who made this country proud in the world and who gave their lives for the betterment of this country’s men. 

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