Chennai Sandesh

Chennai sandesh
September 12, 2018.

Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar) Rules Their Hearts

One Muthaiya is credited to have created this vegetarian village. Vadimanaipatti off Alangudi in Pudukkottai district of Tamilnadu can boast of cent percent vegetarian population. Residence of the village do not rear goat or hen, because they are used only for meat or sacrifice in temples. The fish in the pond are also not touched by the people. If a girl married into a family of this hamlet is non vegetarian, she takes to veg food soon, thanks to the prevailing atmosphere. Muthaiya seems to have inspired the villagers into vegetarianism by conveying the message of the 18th century Saint Ramalinga Swamigal (Vallalar) in a way that caught the imagination of the villagers. The hamlet is also free from the evil of alcohol. No TASMAC shop (government liquor outlet) is seen here. People here claim that vegan lifestyle has resulted in longer life span. Quite a few aged 80 plus and 100 plus in this village vindicate this. Last week, all the Tamil news channels telecast the reassuring transformation in Vadimanaipatti.

Fullstop To Jihadis’ Plush Life In Prison?

The social media has done it again. Photos of convicts and prisoners leading a luxurious life inside the Puzhal Central prison in Chennai went viral in mid September, prodding the police to conduct surprise check in over a dozen Central Prisons in the state. As in Chennai prison, illegal possessions including contraband were confiscated in every raid. Items of comfort like cot with mattress, mobile phones, TV sets and costly food varieties not permitted by jail manual were among them. The convicts are reported to have made overseas calls from their cells. Of course, the mainstream media saw to it that the fact that the inmates leading such a luxurious life in prison included jihadis involved in cases of assassination of Hindu leaders over the years is not highlighted. Having colluded in such a crime, the administration now indulges in damage control by shifting the jihadis to other prisons and transferring jail officials and warders. 

This Dasara Proves The Hinduness Of Tamilnadu

Even as shallow politicos keep describing Tamilnadu as Periyar bhoomi, a temple festival in Kulasekaranpatnam in Thuthukudi district, famous by name Dasara, leaves a stamp of Hindu fervour in the minds of all. One can witness all forms of folk arts and music during the Kulasekaranpatnam Dasara set to begin by October 13. Nearly 15 lakh devotees converge for Dasara. Numerous artisans are busy creating make up costume for devotees who observe Vratam and dress like deities like Kali, Hanuman, etc. Another unique feature of the festival in this town named after Pandya King Kulasekara Pandian is the way devotees collect alms to meet their expenses and offer a portion of it to the deity. They need not spend their money to participate in the festival. People gather along the streets to get the blessings of devotees adorning the forms of deities. In Kulasekaranpatnam the presiding deities are Gnanamoortheeswarar and Mutharamman. They are seated together in the sanctum sanctorum, unlike in other temples where they are worshipped in different shrines.

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