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Come October, One Crore Hindus To Take A Holy Dip In Tamrabharani

Tamrabharani the name of the river flowing through Tirunelveli and Thoothukudi districts of Tamilnadu. Nearly one crore devotees are expected to take the holy dip along the 125 km long river during October 11-22. This celebration known as Tamrabharani Pushkaram is a once in 144 year festival. Tamilnadu state government has promised to assist the festival managemnet by facilitating security, health and drinking water to the devotees. The Communist Party of India (Marxist), the DMK and VCK party of Thirumavalavan submitted a petition to district collector asking him not to participate in the conduct of the festival saying that it is a Hindu event. (In the same breath these anti Hindu parties argued that the river does not belong to Hindus alone and therefore should not be held as a Hindu event!). People have not forgotten how Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisami not only participated in the Kaveri Pushkaram held last year but he also took a holy dip along with the devotees. The anti-Hindu elements also advanced the funny argument that Pushkaram does not find mention in the writings of Bishop Caldwell (1814 - 1891). Young Hindu activists rubbished this argument saying that Pushkaram was also held 800 years ago and so absence of a mention in the writing of a later day proselytizer does not matter at all. All said and done, Tamrabharani Pushkaram helped Hindus to come together in a spirit of religious fervour and also enabled them to understand the designs of anti-Hindu elements.

Urban Naxals make a beeline to Tamilnadu 

Last week Tamilnadu witnessed two activists from Delhi trying without success to provoke farmers against development activities. Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav was detained by Tamil Nadu police while he was on his way to meet farmers “affected by Chennai-Salem expressway project”. Kannaiya Kumar of the JNU fame was spotted in Thanjavur district. He was in Kumbakonam to attend the AISF’s State conference. He attacked the government for “diverting the attention of the people from the basic issues affecting them like lack of job creation, agrarian crisis manifesting in the suicide of the farmers”, etc. The left extremist leanings of the Thoothukudi girl from Canada, Lois Sofia, who caused ripples last week by her rough behavior in flight, get exposed every day. Curiously, it was Kodaikanal in Tamailnadu that Manipur’s Irom Sharmila, the “civil liberties activist” of “fast” fame, chose for her wedding venue. It is not a coincidence that Kodaikanal is a hill resort surrounded by dense forest infested by Naxals. Tamilnadu seems to be the chosen haven for shady urban naxals, commented an observer. 

TN Police Should Apologise For Harassing Hindu society 

A suspected ISIS operative Shakul Hammed was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) from Chennai in 2017 for allegedly receiving funds, on behalf of the terrorist organisation, to establish its presence in the city and further stage attacks in parts of Tamil Nadu. Hammed was part of a nine member gang that has been hatching a conspiracy from 2013. NIA has arrested Subahani Haja Moideen, a suspected ISIS operative, who had conspired to carry out terror activities in the country and was planning to collect chemical explosives from cracker manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. He was a resident of Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. Five men who came to Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu allegedly to kill two Hindu leaders have been arrested in the first week of September. The arrests followed intelligence inputs that the men were in the city to attend the wedding of a convict out on parole. Observers allege that the state police is complacent and they learn about the activities of terrorists in the state from NIA. On the other hand, Hindu society is targeted by the state police as was evident in imposing over two dozen conditions for celebrating Ganesh festival in public. Of course, the police had to be taken to court even for obtaining permission to install Ganesh in public. The stubborn police should apologise to Hindu society which has been holding Ganesh festival for the past 35 years without any untoward incident, say observers.

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