A Few questions to Yogendra Yadav

'The Hindu' carried an lead article on 26th September, 2018 titling 'A nationalism that's anti-national' by Yogendra Yadav, President of Swaraj India. Few questions raised by a swayamsevak to the article.
a. You claim you know many swayamsevaks who are idealist. How do you think they are made idealist?
B. What do you think is a swayamsewak's motivation to do exemplary relief work at the least during national disasters?
C. Mohanji dealt in detail Dr. Hedgewar's work during national movement in the seminar. Did you listen to it? Or choosing to ignore it knowingly (as usual)?
D. When will you guys come out of 'Only Nehru and Gandhi worked for Indian freedom' syndrome?
E. Because of this syndrome you dare to call Savarkar and Shyam Prasad Mukherjee traitors. Will you publish articles with some proofs on this? or get into a public debate?
F. Please provide some evidence on the statement of Hindu Nationalists propagating two nation theory? It is the superiority complex of Muslims which was capitalised by Sir Syed and Jinnah for partition and the nation including you know this well. Isn't it? Even Mahatmaji's Khilafat movement played a major role in creating the psyche - Can you deny this?
G. How do you write that RSS refused to honour key constitution symbols? Have you seen swayamsewaks burning Indian flags (like your Kashmiri friends) or constitution (like your Dravidian friends) isn't this a blatant lie?
H. An aside question, when was socialism and secularism added to the constitution? Why none of your esteemed friends challenge the 42nd amendment that happened during emergency?
I. To my knowledge RSS is not a Hindu Pressure group - if it is so we would have had common civil code, Ram Mandir etc by now. Even if for argument sake we agree RSS is a Hindu pressure group is it unconstitutional?. You guys welcome, support and work with caste based pressure groups but not Hindu pressure groups, why? Don't we have ample proof for minority appeasement from Shah Bano to RTE? Who will stand by Hindus among these Vote bank politicians? Is it a crime to act as Hindu pressure group?
J. What is the logic behind giving concessions to Minorities? How can you guys always say minorities have first access to nation's resources? Aren't we equal in the eyes of Constitution of India?
K. What do you mean by constitutional Patriotism?
L. Didn't you hear Mohanji define Hindutva during the lecture? Even in the earliest Sangha literature nation and nation state difference is clearly explained. Why are you trying to impose your assumptions on Sangh and call it Sangh ideology?
M. Didn't you hear what Mohanji has to say about Hindi? As a Tamil in Sangh I have never felt RSS as a Hindi organisation. Again this is your petty assumption and you accuse Sangh as Hindu-Hindi-Hindustan organisation without any basis!
N. RSS has clearly explained its working methodology as Man making. The swayamsewaks are working in their own way to resolve as many problems as possible. Sangh doesn't claim to be a solution provider to all problems. Can you name one organisation that has provided some solution for all problems? There are thousands of issues small and big for which swayamsewaks have given solution in a very positive way unlike the partisan approach of politicians. I can share recorded evidence for these.
O. What is your idea of India? Mohanji has very eloquently presented Sangh idea of India. Why you guys are issuing empty threats and fear mongering against RSS. Can you please provide one shred of evidence in any court of law against RSS for violence?
P. Inferiority complex of modern Hindu or an Indian stems from reading anglicised history written by your friends like Romila ji and we are proud Indians carrying our pride in our sleeves. Please present a hypothesis which is remotely provable and don't keep faking.

To conclude, RSS swayamsewaks manage India's largest trade union, largest students union, largest political party, run 7k+ educational institutions, more than a lac single teacher schools, more than 1.75 lacs small & big service projects - to name a few. How can you say RSS contribution to Nation building is zero. Please read books on Sangh like RSS 360 etc. without prejudice to know more. Is it expecting too much from you?

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