#KeralaFloods 2018 Relief activities

Kerala is facing one of the biggest flood calamities in the recent years. The 2018 Kerala floods were a result of the unusually severe southwest monsoon. 100 people died in a single day. 

27 reservoirs were opened at a time in Kerala and all five gates of the Idukki Dam were opened at the same time for the first time in history. Heavy rain in Wayanad makes big disasters and Ghat road smashed. As of August 17, the death toll has reached 370 with 256,000 people displaced and 13 of the 14 districts placed on high alert. 

As many as 450 relief camps have been opened by the Government at various locations to accommodate the flood victims. 

Sevabharathi as a socially committed voluntary organization is actively involving in the flood relief works throughout the state. 

  • 2,00,000 people were displaced.
· 350 Sevabharathi units and 5,000 volunteers are engaged in the relief works in the flood-affected districts in the state. 

· 350,000 food packets distributed to the needy and still counting

· 10 Blood donation camps organised 

· 20 medical camps already conducted in Kuttalanadu regions in Alapuzha District, one of the most flood-affected areas in the state. More medical camps are planned in the coming days. 

· 40 Ambulances of Sevabharathi are engaged in the flood relief work in different areas. 

Various relief camps are directly organized by Sevabharathi with the support of well-wishers and volunteers in which food, accommodation, and medical services are provided to the flood-affected people.

Hundreds of common people are joining hands with Sevabharathi to support these initiatives and the organization is mobilizing cloths, food grains, drinking water bottles and other requirements from the public to serve the affected people. In each district, a collection center is opened to collect the materials from the public and to arrange the transportation to relief places. The state officials of Deseeya Sevabhrathi are directly monitoring the activities in each district. 
 (Sevabharati Kerala)

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