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URBAN NAXALS Released in Chennai 
The unusual book URBAN NAXALS was released at a well-attended programme in Chennai at the C.P Art Centre, Teynampet on June 10. In addition to the author Vivek Agnihotri, IIT professor Tripati and socio political analyst Banu Gomes spoke. This is what Tripati spoke: he was once a leftist. He was pained to see a beef party in progress inside the campus, as he used to tie a Rakhi to a cow on Raksha Bandhan day. When he questioned the anti-Hindu provocation, he was thrown out from the charmed circle that received regular dole from paymasters abroad. He was abused. That is the real face of the intolerant seculars and that was precisely the gang of URBAN NAXALS the book focuses on, Tripati concluded. Agnihotri gratefully acknowledged that the Chennai-based SWARAJAYA group offered crucial help to see that the book saw the light of the day as none came forward to publish it. 

Should Law Courts Destroy The Institution Of Marriage?
“Even though this may not be palatable to the orthodox section of the society...” the Kerala High Court observed on June 1.This, what? Allowing a 19-year-old girl and an 18-year-boy to live together. The High Court bench comprising Justice V Chitambaresh and Justice K P Jyothindranath said that such partners cannot be separated as they are major. But the “orthodox section” in this case unmistakeably comprises the parents of both the boy and girl who had been toiling to bring up the boy and girl for 19 years. No justice at all for them? A Chennai advocate wondered. She pointed out that if this trend is to persist then the society at large would lose faith in the sanctity of marriage. Marital problems solved so far by elders in the family or by the village heads or panchayats would become unmanageable, she warned.

There is a groundswell in the number of Hindi Seekers in Tamilnadu as 
Gandhiji’s Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha Turns 100

It may be hard to believe, but the Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha statistics asserts that there are about 9,86,756 Hindi learners in 2016 as against 4,39,872 in 2006. A 42 % jump in a decade! The unstated fact is that credit for this predominantly goes to the Hindi lovers of Tamilnadu --a state that witnessed decades of virulent anti Hindi agitations triggered by separatists. Of the four southern states covered by the Sabha, Tamilnadu alone is deprived of Hindi in the public instruction and so the spurt explains the demand for Hindi in Tamilnadu. The people’s resolve to learn Hindi has won. This is good news coming on the occasion of the centenary of the Sabha which was started as a movement by Mahatma Gandhi on June17, 1918. Gandhiji stayed in the Sabha at Chennai for ten days in 1946 and to this date the room, charka and his clothes are well preserved in the Sabha premises. More on the reach and dimensions that the Sabha has achieved during the 100 years: The Sabha has developed a network of 20, 000 Hindi pracharaks and has developed 90,000 Hindi teachers through B.Ed. and Teacher Training Institutions. The 100th Foundation Day Celebration (on June 17, 2018) was presided by president and vice chancellor of the Sabha, Justice Shivaraj V. Patil who received the First Centenary Commemorative Postage Stamp from Sri. R. Anand, I.Po.S, Post Master General, Chennai Region.

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