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Chennai Sandesh
September 6, 2017 

Separatist outfits in state under Centre’s Radar 

Last week, Tamilnadu witnessed over a dozen Tamil separatist, extremist, Jihadi, Naxal groups as well as fringe political parties pursuing anti – India, anti – Modi, anti – Hindu agenda as they jumped into action protesting against NEET (National Eligibility and Entrance Test) made compulsory for MBBS aspirants. For them NEET was only a stick to beat pan – India concepts like one country – one test.

They spat venom in their demonstrations funded discreetly by Church backed institutions like Loyola College of Chennai. Even as political parties were voicing their protest against NEET, particularly after Anitha, an unsuccessful NEET candidate reportedly committed suicide, these groups instigated a few college students to hit the road. Even during last year’s Jallikattu agitation on Marina beach these groups tried to browbeat others and highjack the movement. They were vociferous in defending bulls and cows. Once the cow slaughter ban issue came up, the same groups held beef parties. A few organisers of these groups are under detention under Goonda’s Act for their seditious propaganda. They have the ulterior motive to displace political parties from public discourse so that they could hammer their Fascist agenda on the society. Disturbingly, several Tamil channels were found only too ready to highlight the protests day in and day out. Now, the groups will try to highjack anti NEET agitations anytime in order to inject their anti national agenda into the society. It is good that they are under the radar of central agencies already. 

River and people to benefit by Kaveri Maha Pushkaram 

It is religion that seems to inspire the population to keep rivers clean by holding them as holy and divine in line with the Hindu tradition. This year, Guru (Jupiter) shifts from Kanya to Thula, which is the rasi of Kaveri, and will be celebrated on a grand scale across Tamilnadu particularly in holy centres along Kaveri’s flow. Maha Pushkaram is slated for September 12 to September 24 falling in the Hindu month of Tula (called Aavani in Tamil). Since the phenomenon is happening after 144 years, it is called Maha Pushkar. According to Kaveri Mahatmyam, bathing in the river here once during Thula is equivalent to 1,000 dips in the Ganges. Also all the rivers, including the Ganga, merge here to cleanse themselves. The heads of all the mutts of Tamil Nadu, including Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, are guiding the Pushkar Committee and supervising the arrangements. All of them will be present during the 12 days of the festival. 

One Lakh Ganeshas adorn Tamilnadu Streets 

In spite of ill advised interferences from the police, over 2,800 huge Ganesha idols were installed in public places across Chennai. The immersion went off peacefully, but not without Hindu Munnani registering its protest over refusal of permission for Ganesh immersion procession along the Ice House locality in the city. The police seem to have a quaint notion that it is a “sensitive” locality. Shri Kadeswara Subramaniam, State President of Hindu Munnani was arrested when he tried to go in a procession with Ganesh idols there in order to drive home the fact that Hindus must have the right of way. For the last three decades and more, Hindu Munnani founder Rama Gopalan had been insisting on the 'right of way' for Hindus on similar occasions and he used to get arrested likewise. Meanwhile, all sections of Hindu society hit the roads in Ganesh Visarjan processions in every small and big town and village of the state, the number of Ganeshas worshipped in public nearing one lakh. Not only the spread, the depth of devotion was also remarkable, with Ganesh Committee members observing Vratam for the Ganesh Chaturti and women devotees reaching out with holy kalasams on their head to receive Ganesha into their town for installing. Most remarkable was the huge procession of massive Ganeshas in Salem town which had witnessed DK vandals of breaking Ganesha idols in the 1990’s.

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