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AUGUST 9, 2017

Leave Alone The Hillside Calm, 
Kodaikkanal Locals Tell Irom Sharmila

Activist Irom Sharmila, of 16 - year fast protest fame, has been staying in Kodaikanal, a hill resort near Madurai, for some time and has planned to marry a British citizen soon. As per law, she submitted an application along with required documents to the Sub-Registrar, Kodaikanal and is awaiting the completion of the mandatory 30-day period to marry the British citizen under the Special Marriage Act. However since Irom Sharmila has indicated that she would fight for the rights and welfare of tribal people and other communities, locals are afraid that it might lead to unrest in the hilly region. A section of the residents have asked her to leave Kodaikkanal. Outfits known for fanning disaffection among communities in the name of protecting Dalits which owe allegiance to the Church have come out in support of Irom Sharmila, much to the ire of the local population.

A New Train To Ayodhya Via ‘Dakshin Ayodhya’!

On August 7, rail users accorded a warm reception to the newly-introduced Rameswaram - Ayodhya ‘Shraddha Sethu Express’ at Kumbakonam, which is otherwise called as 'Dakshina Ayodhya' (Ayodhya of South). The first regular run of the train arrived Kumbakonam at 7.50 am that day. In the first week of June, Faizabad (UP) constituency MP Lallu Singh had made an announcement regarding the introduction of a new train connecting Rameswaram and Ayodhya. The new train was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rameswaram on July 27. The train will leave Rameswaram every Sunday at 11.50 pm to reach Kumbakonam at 8.03am on Mondays. It will reach Ayodhya at 7.50 am on Wednesdays and reach Faizabad at 8.30 am. In the return direction, it will leave Faizabad on Wednesdays at 11.55 pm and reach Ayodhya in 20 minutes and will reach Rameswaram at 8.50 am on Saturday. 

Law Fumbles For A Quarter Century 
To Punish Chennai Jihadi Terrorists

It was on August 8 in the year 1993 that jihadi terrorists caused a bomb blast in the Chennai RSS Karyalaya. 11 people were killed and several injured. It was identified as the handiwork of Al-Umma, now banned outfit led by Abdul Nassar Madhani. 18 people in the case were convicted by TADA court and three namely Hyder Ali, Abubacker Siddiq and Kaja Nizamudeen were sentenced to life imprisonment. The Honorable Supreme Court dismissed the case on December 6, 2010, setting them aside and letting them free. Chennai RSS unit then filed a curative petition in the Supreme Court. "It is shocking to learn about the acquittal of dreaded terrorists by the Supreme Court on December 6 in the case related to the death of 11 people due to bomb blast. The hardcore terrorists could go scot free due to incomplete investigation by the CBI or due to the technicalities. The only ground on which the Supreme Court acquitted the accused is that the CBI failed to prove the source of RDX/PETN, the explosives used in the blast. It is not in dispute that the accused entered into conspiracy, planted bombs and that the 11 people died, several injured in the blast. In spite of all this, the prosecution case was not accepted by the Supreme Court," said Shri M Sundara Rama Reddy, then Sanghachalak of Chennai in a letter written to Prime Minister and Home Minister on December 10, copy of which has been sent to the CBI Director. Meanwhile, RSS families have been observing August 8 as martyrs’ day; pushpanjali is offered to the photos of pracharaks and others killed in the blast 24 year back.

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