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July 13, 2017


The large audience at Tambaram Tamil Sangam meet recently were overjoyed to learn that over 2000 poems of Thirumoolar, a Tamil mystic who lived three millennia ago, had dealt with pranayama that the world today is crazy about. Dr A. Kalanidhi, a former vice chancellor of a technical university enthralled them with the following info on Thirumandiram, the spiritual work of literature by Thirumoolar. 

** In ancient texts on pranayama, we find that one can conquer death through the control of breath. ** According to Thirumoolar, the five senses of human being are controlled thro serious practice of pranayama. ** Pranayama when practiced in the morning removes Pitha, when practiced before lunch cures Vaata and when practiced in the evening cures Kapha. ** If a person can control all the five senses, his/her life will last for seven generations or 700 years and they won’t have any aging process and no drooping. ** Thirumoolar recommends as ratio of 1:4:2 for Inhalation, Holding, and Exhalation. It is important that pranayama should be practiced slowly and steadily. The Tambaram Tamil Sangam is an effort by patriotic citizens of the Chennai suburb to bring home to the people how the rich Tamil heritage has over millenia contributed immensely to the Bharatiya gnan parampara. (Contributed by D. Hemkumar).


A rare and reassuring episode took place in Palani, a pilgrim centre. It was a valiant attempt to protect gomata by a Hindu, that too by a sadhu. The Vaishnavite seer Mannai Jeeyar Sendalankara Shenbaka Mannar Swami, was proceeding in his vehicle towards Pollachi for a religious function. En route he saw a Tata Ace with 7 calves kept squeezed in the vehicle with no proper space and water, food. He stopped the vehicle and made the driver of the vehicle to take the vehicle to the Palani town Police Station. There the Swami made a formal complaint. And when the officials including the DSP Venkatraman was having enquiry with Swamiji accompanied by members of Hindu outfits and the driver of the vehicle one police officer belonging to Muslim community informed the Jamaat members. On enquiry the driver informed the police that he had purchased the calves from Manapparai shanty. Just then 70 to 100 Muslims including Jamaat gathered and started shouting slogans like Allaho Akbar and Hindus too raised slogans like Bharat Mata ki jai and Jai Kaali. The police asked both to maintain silence. When Swamiji came out of the Station he was mobbed by activists of CPIM, VCK and Naam Tamizhar party and they questioned him how he can force a vehicle to be taken to the police station. Hindu leaders threw a protective ring around the Swamiji. Suddenly stones were pelted on Swamiji’s vehicle. Six Hindus sustained head injuries Then lathi charge was ordered. (Contributed by Anirudh R. Garga).


On July 10, a group of 130 students doing B.A. Defence Studies at Voorhees College, Vellore, visited the historic fort. There they learned about the events closely connected with the 1806 great freedom upsurge by Indian soldiers, long before the 1857 struggle. The students paid homage to the martyrs. July 10 is the day in 1806 when soldiers of Madras Army revolted against the British in Vellore. The student trip was organised by the Government Museum, Vellore along with the Post Graduate Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Voorhees College and Rotary Club of Vellore Gems. (The 1806 soldiers’ upsurge was brief, lasting only one full day. The Indian soldiers seized the Vellore Fort and killed or wounded 200 British troops. The revolt was subdued by cavalry and artillery from Arcot. Summary executions of about 100 Indian soldiers took place during the suppression of the upsurge). 

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