Route March by HSS volunteers at Nagpur

Residents of Nagpur today evening witnessed a grand patha sanchalan taken out by volunteers of Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh from various countries. These were the Hindu brethren, students, professionals and businessman residing outside Bharat who are in Nagpur for an orientation course organized by Shri Vishwa Niketan – Delhi for the past fifteen days.

Shri Vishwa Niketan is a registered organization at Delhi working for promotion of Indian heritage and culture among NRI / PIO communities outside India. 

Shri Vishwa Niketan has organized a 21 day residential course for volunteers of Hindu Swayamsevak from various countries at Surabirdi – Nagpur from 15th July 5th August. A total of 65 participants from 13 countries including USA, Europe, Guyana, and Australia are taking part in various activities like Yoga, traditional Indian games, discourses on Hindu culture and heritage etc.

As a part of this program, a patha sanchalan was organized on 29th July. It started from Madhav Nagar ground and passed through Bajaj Nagar, Abhyankar Nagar and came back to Madhav Nagar ground.The course participants, ably guided by the volunteers from Nagpur marched to the tunes of the band expressing confidence and resolve of the

Hindu society abroad to work for the cause of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’. 
There are several Hindu organizations working for the preservation and promotion of Hindu culture outside India like Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) – USA, HSS Australia, HSS Canada, Sewa International USA etc. Many men and women are contributing selflessly and relentlessly for imparting our traditions and culture to the younger generations of Hindus and making aware the larger society in those countries about the glorious traditions of Hindu culture. They organize weekly gatherings for youth, carry out various kinds of seva (charity) works and other such endeavours. Volunteers taking up this work have a strong desire to visit India, experience the uninterrupted stream of Hindu civilization and the rising India and learn the skills like Yoga, Sanskrit, traditional Indian games etc. For many participants like the ones from Caribbean countries of Guyana, Trinidad, it is their first visit to their ancestor’s land and they look at it as a pilgrimage.

The patha sanchalan was enthusiastically welcomed by the residents of Nagpur by showering flowers and slogans like ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’, ‘Vishwa Dharm ki Jay’. The dignitaries present during this event were Shri Suresh Soni – RSS joint general secretary, Adv Alok Kumar – Course in charge, Prof Ravindra Joshi – Course Coordinator.

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