Press Release by Arogya Bharati on Garbh Sanskar

Press Release by Arogya Bharati with regard to the recent controversy on Garbh Sanskar.

Arogya Bharati is a pan India voluntary organization working in the area of health care. Arogya Bharati derives its motivation from the Bharthiya philosophy on health care. Through various awareness programs on healthcare, Arogya Bharati is working towards creating a healthy nation. For common masses, Arogya Bharati is running some programs on “Garbh Sanskar” (worshipping of womb during pregnancy) for healthy child delivery. Unfortunately some media houses are running a derogatory campaign to malign such programs of Arogya Bharati. Numerous articles in print and electronic media are trying to create an impression that such programs of Arogya Bharati are not tuned towards better child delivery but fair child delivery thus giving a racist colour to such programs. It is not our culture to discriminate on the basis of skin colour. It is a preconceived conspiracy to demean Arogya Bharati by drawing comparisons between Arogya Bharati programs and German racism. Arogya Bharati strongly condemns all such acts of aspersions.

Arogya Bharati planned a program on the science of “Garbh Sanskar” in Calcutta from 6th to 8th May 2017 targeting this program, Times of India in its edition of 29th April 2017 tried to misinform the masses by declaring this program as racist which aims towards fair child delivery rather than healthy child delivery. On the basis of this news item, West Bengal Commission for protection of child rights filed a PIL (Public Interest Litgation) in Calcutta high court to ban this program. After hearing the arguments of learned prosecutor of Arogya Bharati, Honourable justice of Calcutta high court refused to put a ban on this program and dismissed the petition. He said and we quote

“Garbh Sanskar” is a vedic maternity practice. Our distinguished spiritual ancestors developed this practice to have a child with great character and unparalleled abilities. Veer Abhimanyu and Bhakt Prahlad are the great prodigies of this practice. Modern science too endorses the positive effects of appropriate food, behaviour, verbiage and contemplation on a pregnant woman.           

That our coming generations are of great character and are bestowed with unmatchable dexterity, Arogya Bharati is making humble attempts to establish “Garbh Sanskar” practice everywhere in the society. It is Arogya Bharati’s deep conviction that the enlightened and intellectual masses of this nation will fail all such clandestine efforts.

Date: 11th May 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dr.Ramesh  Gautam         
                                                                                                                                                                                                           National Executive President
                                                                                                        Arogya Bharati

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  1. The effort of Arogya Bharati to impart "Garbh Sanskar" to the present generation is laudable. It is a well-meaning concept for couples to beget healthy and good babies,who will be assets for the nation in the long run.Our scriptures are replete with stories like those of Diti(who gave birth to asuras)and Aditi(who begot Devas),story of Prahlada,Abhimanyu and Pareekshith.The recitation of aditya Hrudayam and certain other slokas and spiritual practices help in the birth of good healthy babies.unfortunately, the modern-day Asuras do not want anything good for the society and try to sabotage any effort in the right direction. Thanks to Kolkata HC for the favorable verdict!

  2. As early as in the year 2003, PANCHAAMRITAM, (the positive,good news fortnightly bunch) circulated by VISHVA SAMVAD KENDRA, TAMILNADU, came out with the following info on GARBHA SAMSKAR project of an RSS inspired group Nagpur:

    "Ancient Hindu books speak of offsprings imbibing skills as well as qualities even while staying inside their mother’s womb. Abhimanyu and Bhakta Prahlada are examples for this. Nowadays, scientists have established that the personality of a child could be moulded even while in the womb. That means, during pregnancy the would-be mother needs, in addition to adequate nutrition, a proper ambience. In the Bharat of yore, this was no problem, thanks to the joint family system now being edged out by the nuclear family arrangement. Today, the young wife in the nuclear family has to fend for herself, bereft of the loving care of an odd aunt or grandma who used to be around. She misses even her own mother now. So, the lonely pregnant lady in the house sits glued to the idiot box that keeps spewing violent scenes all the 24 hours, risking the babe in her womb imbibing all that. A group of RSS shakha-trained social workers in Vidarbha, in central Bharat, the MATRU SHAKTI KALYAN KENDRA, have found a way out. They have launched the project GARBHA SAMSKAR KENDRA in two places in Nagpur, where expectant women can avail, in addition to doctor’s advice and diet prescribed by nutrition experts, regular practice of Praanaayaama and necessary yogasanas. There they can listen to Bhakti Geet. Can join the Bhajan. Or listen to ennobling stories. As expected, these Kendras are getting good response from among young mothers-to-be. -- Based on a report in the Hindi fortnightly RASHTRA DEV, June 30, 2003 published from Bareily, Meerut and Dehra Dun."