VHP demands immediate law in Samsad for Ram Temple

Treat 1989-90 Ethnic Cleansing in Kashmir & Snatching of Hindu Properties at gun points also a Conspiracy & Govt should pass Ram Temple Law in Samsad immediately

-VHP Dr Pravin Togadia

New Delhi / Ahmedabad (Karnavati), April 19, 2017

Reacting on the Hon. Supreme Court Bench Justice Nariman & Justice Ghosh's order to treat Babri Demolition as conspiracy, VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia said, "The CBI under the Union Govt had gone to the Hon. Supreme Court challenging the acquittal of the leaders by the Hon. High Courts. We respect the Hon. Supreme Court & Hindus have strength enough to fight the case on its merit despite all odds. Now CBI under the Union Govt should challenge If demolishing of a structure that was built by a foreign invader by demolishing original Hindu structure in Ayodhya can be treated as conspiracy, then the Union Govt & J&K Govt both should approach the Hon. Supreme Court to treat the 1989-90 Kashmir ethnic cleansing by Kashmiri Muslims as the worst ever criminal conspiracy. Lakhs of Hindus' houses, lands & properties were snatched at gun points by mobs instigated by their leaders, thousands of Hindus were killed & lakhs were displaced who are still forced to live in temporary shelters away from their original places.

Not only the 1989-90 attacks on Hindus in Kashmir, but also in various states where Hindus had to run away en mass due to terrorization & attacks by Muslims has to be treated as Conspiracy. Lakhs of Hindus' properties thus has been snatched by Muslims from Assam to Uttar Pradesh & from Gujarat to Keral. The Union Govt & the respective state Govts should now file the cases on those conspirators under criminal conspiracy sections of all possible laws if these Govts truly care for the law & for Hindus.

AS for the Ayodhya case, snatching from Hindus & then demolishing Ram Temple to build Babri structure & then keep on justifying that action even now itself was the criminal conspiracy by Babar then & now by Muslims at the first place. Restoration of Hindu religious places back to Hindus after the Muslim rulers & then the British Rulers left was the responsibility of all the Govts last 70 yrs from 1947 to 2017, but for vote bank politics all kept on appeasing the minority & hurting the Hindus. Hindus will fight the said case legally & in all democratic ways, however, we demand that now the Union Govt should immediately pass the Law in Samsad for Ram Temple as well as ALL Hindu Religious places restoration to Hindus.

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