Values impart virtues, RSS Chief

I revere the flare of virtuosity today, courtesy the galaxy of talent present here. I have nothing with which I can felicitate this galaxy of talent. Still I am attending this program. I came here to experience the sense of a glorified future of Bharat, a vision which will be accomplished through the acts of such virtuous people who touch new peaks every day. Without practice no talent can manifest itself. However, while perfecting one’s talent no expectations should be kept about prospective awards and recognition. That success of one’s talent will bring laurels to one’s society and country, should be one’s conscience. Such conscience should reflect in our acts and words. Nobody designated Shri Kishor Deshpande of “Sawli” to work for the betterment of most distressed. It was his self-conscience which caused his suo-moto initiative. Saints have said that a true compassion is expressed without an iota of profit motive. The same has been endorsed by the experiences of celebrities such as Kapil Dev and others.

There is something very similar about Singing. There is a Sanskrit Saying, “Ganga Jale, Ganga Pooja”. It means that we offer our prayers to Ganga with the water from same Ganga. It is not a mere practice but our values. Such values impart us with virtues. Hence any felicitation of the luminaries here is not just the felicitation of those personalities or their talent but of the whole Bharat. Such felicitations also obviate the prevailing pessimism in our country and give us the hope of better tomorrow. Hence we should attend such programs. By doing so we enlighten ourselves and get the zeal to work for the betterment of society with our limited means. This is the very purpose of such programs. All these celebrities are like that of sun. We see people imitating the dressing style of actors such as Aamir Khan. Such is the impact of virtuous people in society that people follow them. A darkness without any existence can be wiped out even with a little luminary. As the galaxy of such talent, which infuses strength and hope, is garlanded, I express my gratitude towards the able leadership of Mangeshkar family which under the able guidance of Lata Didi is carrying ahead the legacy of Master Dinanath with commendable velocity.

--Param Pujyaniya SarSanghChalak, Dr. Mohan Bhagwat
(Excerpts from the address given by Dr. Mohan Bhagwat on 24th April 2017 at a function organized by Manniya Dinanath Pratisthan. This function was held in Shri KshanMukhanand Chandrashekherendra Saraswati Auditorium in Mumbai on the occasion of 95th death anniversary of Shri Dinanath Mangeshkar, a luminary of Marathi Music)

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