Dr. Ambedkar, RSS and Social Harmony

Commemorating the 127th birthday of Dr. Ambedkar, Dr. Hedgewar Smarak Samiti in Chennai awarded Social Harmony Awards to the people who are serving the society in various fields. 
The event began with a pushpanjali to Dr. Ambedkar and a melodious song.

Highlighting on the plight of SC/ST in the society, Shri Chellappan who presided over the event gave examples on how Dr. Ambedkar wanted to bring a change in the society and appealed for the true implementation of various plans allotted. Shri Elaya Perumal, Educationist, Anna University threw his thoughts on the effects of academics without nationalistic thinking. Academics and Education without nationalism and spiritualism leads to corrupt thinking. He appealed for Dr. Ambedkar’s nationalistic views in today’s education. 

Social Harmony Awards to the social enthusiasts were given to Shri ‘TADA’ Periasamy (serving through Nandanar Sevashrama Trust), Shri R Elango, (Kuthampakkam Village, Poonamallee) and Smt. R Nagabhushanam, (Mangaiyarkarasi Annadhana Trust, Ennore) by Shri Chellappan, Shri Elayaperumal and Shri Sethumadhavan Ji, RSS Senior leader. Awardees were given a shield, certificate and a cheque for Rs.10,000/- for their seva activities.

Smt Nagabhusham blessed the audience with a song on Vadivudai Amman. Shri Elango appealed for nationalistic, spiritualistic roots and thoughts be cultivated deeply in the coming generations too.

Shri TADA Periasamy happily pointing out that this is the first program where he attended with all communities together said that the works of Dr. Ambedkar should be read properly to protect nationalism. 

Shri Vanniyarajan Ji, Kshetra Sangachalak described about the thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar on Hindu Dharma. Observing the onslaught of untouchability on his fellow beings, he was against untouchability and never said a word against Hindu Dharma in his writings. Swami Vivekananda’s thoughts were practiced by Dr. Ambedkar. After Independence, vote bank politics played by our leaders on religion, state and caste saw an outrage in the society. In his speech on October 3, 1953 in AIR he had said that my basic philosophy is liberty, equality and fraternity. This philosophy has roots in Dharma. Law can only protect these, but where does the guarantee comes from?. Only Dharma gives guarantee to all these. RSS follows the path of Dharma which is working to free the caste hierarchy and the feelings of untouchability. The desired revolution of Dr. Ambedkar in Hindu society is the goal of RSS. 
Vanniyarajan Ji pointed out how Dattopant Thengadi Ji, Founder of BMS under the guidance of RSS worked for Dr. Ambedkar when he stood for election in 1956. When Thengadi Ji asked why he got converted to Buddhism? Dr. Ambedkar replied that to safeguard his community from the clutches of communism, he got converted with his community to Buddhism. Bitterness of his mind never allowed to embrace Christianism or Muslim. 
Economic views of Dr. Ambedkar came into practice only in 2016. In a research paper titled ‘Problems of Indian Rupee’ in 1916, Dr. Ambedkar had suggested demonetization should be implemented every 10 years. That came into existence only after 100 years, he said.

A nationalistic magazine ‘Kandeebam’ was released on the occasion and with a vote of thanks the program concluded.

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