Only social transformation bring change for women in our country, Geeta Gunde

Condition of women in our country will not change just by bringing in changes in laws. A much holistic social transformation is required for the same. These were the sentiments expressed by social activist Geeta Gunde Ji. She was addressing a gathering to discuss the efficacy of inherence and marital laws enacted for women. This gathering was jointly organized by “Chetna” & National Women Commission. 

Practice of framing laws started when human race learned to live in a society. Judiciary was framed on the basis of knowledge of culture. Malpractices such as “Sati” find no mention in our scriptures. With time, feminity lost its assertive strength. She expressed her concerns on the judgements of “Khap Panchayats” and honour killings. Such practices were not present 50-60 years back. In this period women degradation outweighs society degradation. It is indeed a matter of concern. When Bharatiya Philosophy talks about rights, it also talks about responsibilities. Responsibilities are linked to Dharma. Here the context of Dharma is not prayers, but the sense of responsibility towards family, society and nation. To do what a human being is obliged to do is Dharma. She emphasized that our society has place for all the neglected and outlawed women. Our Dharma even has poignancy towards unwed mothers. Rather than growing up in an orphanage, Kids of such mothers are taken care by either maternal grandparents or society. We had such arrangements. One of the principals of our Dharma is magnanimity. This magnanimity is the basis of ever changing laws. There should be continual efforts to remove distortions. To accomplish the same, we need a holistic thought process. Rather than holding a fragmented discourse, we should have a humanity based holistic discussion which should provide a benevolent direction to society.

Chair of the program was legal luminary Jyotika Kalara Ji. She said that social transformation cannot be brought about by just framing laws or government actions. Every individual needs to be prepared for the same. With all the laws in place, still 50% of the marriages today are under age marriages. Law shows equanimity towards both the genders. Need of the hour is to enforce these laws effectively.

Secretary General of “Chetna”, Pragya Pande Ji said that we all have potential. “Chetna” is galvanizing this potential to run various programs for the betterment of women and children. Objectives of all such programs are Gender Equality, protection of women and self defence.

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