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The Bull comes to the help of the cow

Though ‘Jallikattu’ demonstrations spearheaded by spontaneous upsurge of students but sabotaged by anti-social and anti-national groups was in the news over the past fortnight, it had a healthy fall out mostly unnoticed. It is this: hundreds of cows packed in trucks heading for Kerala slaughter houses were saved by people in Theni, Karur and Coimbatore, indicating the new awareness gained by the sustained Jallikattu struggle to save Bull sport in Tamilnadu villages. 190 cows to be precise were saved by village people in Palladam (near Tirupur). Cases were filed on the truck owners also in addition to booking the smugglers. In turn, the Office Bearers of Truck Owners’ Association in Tiruppur have announced that they would not load cows for slaughter in their trucks.

Tamilnadu tastes Global Hindu assertion 

Recently Tamilnadu had a taste of the positive fallout of the assertive role of Hindus living in countries around the globe. For example, Hindus in Singapore and Malaysia observe the Thai Poosam Vrat (dedicated to Lord Karthikeya) on such a massive scale that the Governments in those countries had to declare a holiday for Thai Poosam (falling on February 9 this year). One Shri A.Annadurai, a devotee of Lord Karthikeya, filed a case at the Madras High Court praying for orders declaring Thai Poosam a holiday in Tamilnadu. The petitioner cited the instances of Singapore and Malaysia in this regard. But of course, the Court dismissed the case pointing out that it is a matter to be decided by the Government. 

How a Sangh family spent the Republic Day holiday

This is a story, nay, an anecdote telling you how a Chennai family spent its Republic Day holiday this January 26. The family, consisting of Husband and wife (Sangh Karyakarthas), son and daughter (both college students), did something like a treasure hunt indulged in by school children for the best part of that day. Atlast they could zero in on their target: 93 year old Saraswati Rajamani, an ardent soldier of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army. In fact, Saraswati in her teens was a spy feeding British info to INA Headquarters. After INA was disbanded Saraswati lost all property and settled down as a platform dweller in Chennai. The news attracted the State Government to allot a small flat to the freedom fighter. Saraswati anyhow does not think that she had played her part in serving the society. She does so even today. The visiting family was taken aback by the irrepressible lady visiting many tailors’ shops collecting cut pieces which she sews into garments and donates them to orphanages. The family was highly impressed by such total dedication of a person to the society and nation. 

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