Hindu Sakthi Sangamam in Chennai

RSS Perambur Bhag, Chennai organized ‘Hindu Sakthi Sangamam’ wherein 367 swayamsevaks participated in Poorna Ganavesh along with men, women, and children totaling around 730. Swayamsevaks demonstrated Niyuddha, Padavinyas, Yoga and Pyramid formation. Prant Sharirik Pramuk Shri Kumaresan, Prant Vyavastha Pramuk Shri Murali Mohan and other Sangh Adhikaris were present. Shri Velanainar, freedom fighter presided over the function.

Swami Sudharsanachariyar blessed the gathering. In his speech he said in ancient days, sages had ‘thridanda’ in hand to protect dharma, today RSS swayamsevaks has ‘Danda’ on hand to protect dharma.

Shri T S Ravikumar, Pranth Baudhdhik Pramuk (UTN) addressed the gathering. Quoting the glory of ancient past from the words of ‘Bharthiyar’, he highlighted the spirit of nationalism and how the world looks at us through Yoga.

Citing the examples from Ramayana, Ramanuja, Bharatiyar, Sahajanandar, Vaidyanathan on caste indiscrimination and a declaration by uniting all Sadhus in Udipi in 1969, where a landmark resolution on ‘untouchability a sin’ took place, he appealed to set right today’s society as a responsible citizen.

Quoting various examples of terrorism which was documented by Sucheta Kriplani on the mass killings and conversions in Kerala and the martyrdom of Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh and the killings abroad too, he called the society should be awakened and fight against terrorism.

Taking a dig against intolerance and cultural war going on debates, he cited how Hindus are tolerant for ages and the way of life leads the world.

Quoting Chanakya words, inactive honest people are more dangerous than the dishonest people who are corrupting our nation and appealed the gathering to give their time and energy to strengthen the nation to fight all evils.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks.

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