Shraddanjali to Maa Suryanarayana Rao in Chennai

In order to offer Shraddanjali to Ma.K.Suryanarayan Rao (fondly called Suriji), the seniormost Pracharak of RSS and who was instrumental in the growth of Sangh work in Tamilnadu, a programme was organized at Meenakshi College, Chennai on 2nd December 2016. Poojya Swami Niyamananda of Ramakrishna Tapovanam, His Excellency the Governor of Meghalaya Shri V.Shanmughanathan and Adhikaris of Sangh and Swayamsevaks offered Shraddanjali to Ma.Suriji and highlighted the multifarious qualities of him.

The programme started with offering of Pushpanjali to Ma.Suriji and invocation song.

Shri Prakash, Samparka Pramukh, compeered the programme, in his opening remarks said how Suriji inspired the swayamsevaks even by his prattle Tamil and cited the example of a swayasevak who used to listen to the recorded cassette of Suriji daily before coming to Shakha.
Poojya Swami Niyamananda 

Recollecting the intimate relationship between between Ma.Suriji and Poojya Swami Chidbhavananda, Swami Niyamananda said Suriji dedicated his life by surrendering his body and soul to Bharathamata. His noble character, service mentality attracted many. In a RSS Camp held at Thirupaithurai, Swami Chidbhavananda closely observed all the activities of the camp held in a disciplined way and remarked , “Your (RSS) activities and our activities resemble many times the same. Henceforth, this place (Ashram) is a parental home for you (Sangh)” Swami Niyamananda also recollected how his students carried Suriji in a chair all the three days when he was asked to speak a few years back. The three day lecture on Swami Vivekananda given by Suri Ji was an inspiration to the College students which centred around the theme Nation is God and his life was an example of it is.

Shri M L Raja Ji 

Suri Ji is born for Sangh and for safeguarding Sanatana Dharma. He spent most of his nights travelling in train and worked tirelessly during day time. He was known for his dedication and love towards karyakarthas. One can never forget his presence in Shaka at Sakthi Karyalay who never fails to attend Shakha in wheelchair. Even after hip replacement surgery, he used to attend shaka with wheelchair and walker. Citing an example, he narrated, when Suriji along with karyakarthas went on a cycle to meet Dr. L K Muthuswamy, a Gandhian and Congress leader, the latter shouted “RSS - murderers of Gandhi Ji”. Suri Ji maintained his composure and pointed out that hearing one side of the version is not correct. Hear the other side and judge. Then, Dr. Muthuswamy heard and had discussion with Suri Ji for nearly 2 ½ hours. At the end of heated discussion Dr. Muthuswamy said this is a Sangh home hereafter. Like Rishi he travelled each and every district and promoted the growth of Sangh.

Paramu, who was with him during his last days looking after his daily needs with an emotional touch recollected about Ma.Suriji:
When major accident occurred in his legs, his prayer to Doctors was ‘Make me well soon. I have lot of Sangh work to do’.

Even when he had high fever, he spoke in a programme at Hyderabad and never thought of cancelling the programme. One cannot differentiate Suri Ji and Sangh, Suri Ji and Swami Vivekananda, Suri Ji and Guru Ji, Suri Ji and Dr Ji. He lived with their thoughts. He often used to say, ‘Doctorji and Guruji dreamt of Hindu Rashtra whereas I am living so long in order to see Hindu Rashtra before me’.

His last article was an article written to a magazine published by Swami Chidbavananda Ashram.

Geeta Ravindran, South Zone Organizer, Rashtra Sevika Samithi 

As M L Raja Ji mentioned earlier it was Dr. Muthuswamy holding the shirt of Suri Ji and said, “You the murderers of Gandhi Ji”. And Suri Ji at once decided, ‘Here is the man I want in Erode”. I am none other than the daughter of Dr. Muthuswamy. She recollected the intimate relationship and mutual respect between Sri Sengottaiyanji (her father-in-law) and Suriji. It was the inspiration of Suriji that Sengottaiyan worked amongst the fishermen of Rameswaram even at his old age. It was Suriji who motivated their family to start a school in Gobichettipalayam.
Murugesan, a swayamsevak of Ambattur 

Suri Ji was an expert in moulding a karyakartha and he cared for the ordinary swayamsevak. He cited the example of how Suriji wished honour the invitation for marriage given by a swayamsevak, who was very new to Sangh. He also cited the example of how Suriji inspired the leading advocate Panchapakesan.
Bakthan Ji, Organizer, Hindu Munnani

Narrated an incident how Suri Ji drove car for Guru Ji in 1948. After the lifting of the ban on RSS in 1948, there was resounding response to Guruji throughout the nation. Barring 2 places, in all other places the programmes went on well. In Karnataka, even when there was threat to Guruji’s life, Guru Ji wanted to attend the program. It was Suri Ji who took the lead and drove the car at such a high speed that the Congressmen who were waiting enroute to attack Guruji could do nothing. The programme went on as scheduled. It was a heroic act in real life.

Reminding about the foresight of Suriji, he narrated how Sakthi Karyalay was bought. It was Suri Ji’s initiative the today’s ‘Sakthi’ Karyalay at Chetput was bought in 1973 for one lakh, when Sangh could not afford such an amount.

On how he moulded karyakarthas, he cited the example of Shri Kasinathan, who died in Karyalaya bomb blast. Whenever has was in Chennai, Suriji used to spent time with Kasi and explained in detail how a Karyalay Pramukh should function. Due to Suriji’s moulding Shri Kasi became a role model for a Karyalaya Pramukh. On the whole Suri Ji is a University, said Bakthan.

Shri Gopalakrishnan read the condolence message of Shri Mohan Bhagwat. Mohan Bhagwat could not attend the programme due to rescheduling of flights at New Delhi due to fog.
Shri V.Shanmughanadan, Governnor of Meghalaya

Describing the togetherness for about 30 years with Suri Ji, Shri Shanmuganathan recollected the memorable moments in which Suriji felt very happy. One was on successfully organizing the VHP Udupi Conference 1969, installation of idol of Jalagandeswarar in the temple at Vellore, the successful programme organized iun 1973 at Chennai in which Poojaneeya Deorasji attended. Soon after lifting of Emergency, in the programme organized in Chennai, Cho Ramaswamy of Thuglak who presided over the program appreciated the work of RSS and said that it is the RSS which fought during crisis in the country and restored democracy.

Suri Ji often used to wish that well educated persons should come out as Pracharaks and felt happy when such pracharaks came out to serve the country.

Whenever there is growth of economics, there should be growth of human values. He appealed that everyone should devote time and strive to motivate people in 20000 places in Tamilnadu to work for the society on the lines of Suriji.

With Shanthi mantram and then Sangh Prarthana, the program concluded.

The entire programme was held in a serene manner in which there was large turnout of more than 1700 people, with large presence of women, in spite of the inclement weather conditions. Everyone who attended the programme left with fond and cherished memories of Suriji. Sangh Adhikaris across Tamilnadu and Vividha Kshetra adhikaris were present.

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