United Hindu Forum calls for a 'Fast Protest'

Hindu Ottrumai Iyakkam (United Hindu Forum) calls for a ‘Fast Protest’ on 22nd November, 2016 from 10 am to 5 pm. In a Press Meet addressed by Shri Karthikeyan, Vice President, Hindu Munnani along with Shri Sadagopan, RSS Pranth Prachar Pramuk deliberated the issues that are affecting the Hindu society in the State.  Alleging the prevalent practice of appeasement, he claimed that the safety and security of the Hindus, Hindu leaders and organizations is worrisome. Moreover, in the recent past, in Tamilnadu,  230 Hindus have been killed, in which, in most of the cases either the culprits or killers were never found and caught  or in some cases when the killers or the culprit were identified they were never booked for punishment. This state of affairs had led to militants and terrorists to have a huge leverage or a favour to their mis-deeds. Summarising the recent incidents in Tamilnadu, he appealed for proper action in the State. 
‘A CD named ‘Jihad’ depicting how militancy and terrorism is fast spreading in Tamilnadu was released and given to all high Police Officials, legal fraternities, Government Officials. Officials completely failed to check its authenticity, ignored and no action has been taken so far. Instead one Mr Gautam was arrested for making this CD’, he condemned.
Quoting the non-interference of Government in other religious administration, he slammed the ill-administration of the Government on Hindu Temple affairs.  Temples have become more like commercial organizations resulting in degrading the Hindus and the Hindu Society as a whole. It’s shameful that this situation has come to this extent that even to go to a temple to pray to God, money has to be given and when one wants to give a saree to their family deity they are given a receipt by the temple management, which again is a bribe in different form. It’s very right to say that our rights as Hindus to go to temples have been slowly taken away, he said.
Condemning the sudden rise of new churches and mosques, he criticized the  unnecessary moral support of local Police and Government Officials have resulted in disobeying the Injunction Orders of the Court in many places.  
It is unusual to have demonstrations and protests’ march unless the situation is serious or there is a dire need of such things.  Hindu Organizations in the State are finding it very difficult and for each and every time, they have to approach Court for permission, he condemned. 
On all the above and other issues prevailing in the State, he appealed to the Government and Officials to look into the matter and as a token of the veracity, United Hindu Forum calls for a ‘fast protest’ on November 22, 2016 to be held in all District Headquarters of Tamilnadu wherein all leaders or Heads of various Communities, Saints and people from all walks of the society are expected to participate.

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  1. Please ensure wide publicity so that people attend this protest fast in large numbers to express solidarity with the cause!

  2. Please ensure wide publicity so that people attend this protest fast in large numbers to express solidarity with the cause!