Raksha Bandhan celebrations in Chennai

Raksha Bandhan celebrations were held across the nation and other countries at various places. In Chennai, in one such function, Shri N Murugan (Retd. IAS) participated and was a part of the evening. 

Shri N Murugan, (Retd IAS) narrated his thoughts on Sangh.  When he was invited for a function and when he went through few reading materials, he found that whatever his ideas on Hinduism coincided with the ideology of RSS.  He recollected how his illiterate mother performed physically testing pujas at Thiruchendur temple for want of a son. Those days when his mother wanted to get her 2 daughters married to Tahsildhars, the only option left was to get them converted to Christianity. He also said that whether one daughter gets married or a son brings a daughter in law they were converted.
He fondly remembered how he was welcomed into the inner sanctum of a well-wishers home, fed and his clothes washed and given back to him, despite him saying that he does not go to temple or perform puja; the well-wisher told him that even after going to temples and performing various pujas if one is a bad person, it’s better to be a non-goer and be a good person...he says it was all owing to his impeccable character”. Moved with the quiet, firm efforts of RSS in trying to bring changes in the society without any political intervention or with a selfish motive, he felt very proud to have been invited and is looking forward to participate in more such functions and meetings. 
Raksha Bandhan celebrations for the past 90 years by RSS are meant to unite people through Dharma, discipline in thought and unified action, says Shri B Prakash, Prant Sampark Pramuk, (Uttar Tamilnadu). He narrated how our Guru’s - time and again prove this as one Nation based on Hindu Dharma. Hindu dharma has always existed without any distinction between the caste, creed, rich and poor, touchable, untouchable. Appealing to make RSS a Kalpavruksha, free from diversities and make a unified India, Shri B Prakash concluded his speech by narrating some anecdotes.
Shri Ramkumar, welcomed the gathering.  Shri Raghavan, Chennai Mahanagar Karyavah rendered a solo song.  The event concluded by tying rakhi with each other and Prarthana to Dwaj. 

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