ABVP Tamilnadu condemns commercialization of education

Two-day ABVP State Executive Council Meet was held in Tiruppur, Tamilnadu. Episode of arrest of Pachamuthu Parivendar is just a tip of an iceberg of commercialization of education in Tamilnadu, says Shri Subbaiah Shanmugam, National Executive Member, ABVP. ABVP Tamilnadu demands white paper from Tamilnadu Government.

Resolutions passed at ABVP Tamilnadu State Executive Council Meet, Tirupur!

1. ABVP Tamil Nadu State Executive Council in its key resolution condemned the failure of Law and order in state and Government's impotency in maintaining it.
2. ABVP TN State Executive Council moved a strong resolution against anti- national activities in TN, appealing Government to protect State from Islamic & Naxal terror.
3. Giving wake call to Government against movement of Islamic and Naxal groups, ABVP TN State Executive Council demanded to obstruct trafficking across TN Coastal border.
4. ABVP TN State Executive Council in another significant resolution pleaded Government to protect water resources, Forests and Wild animals from unprecedented drought.
5. ABVP TN State Executive Council warned the Government that closure of few TASMAC shops should not be a mere eye washer and appealed to ensure TN a liquor free state.
6. ABVP TN State Executive Council had expressed its deep concern on campuses being changed into hub of Naxal ideas, and Government being a mute spectator. Films in recent past are produced in favor to promote Naxal terrorism, ABVP TN State Executive Council had tenaciously condemned it.


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  1. I suspect it is political expediency which made the TN Govt arrest Shri Pachamuthu, when it was not he who collected the huge sums from so many people.But corruption in Govt postings and educational institutions is quite common here in TN. It is an open secret, and many Dravidian politicians are known to be involved.The TN govt does not seem to be keen to check corruption in the Govt.