Abhinav Sandesh Yatra begins

1000th (millennium) year celebrations of Acharya Abhinavagupta and Abhinav Sandesh Yatra was organized in Chennai. Shri A Kalanidhi, Former Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Shri Maalan, Senior Journalist and Shri Ajay Bharati, Organiser of the event participated in the function. His Holiness Shri Vijeyandra Saraswathi Swamigal blessed the gathering. Describing the greatness of culture and spiritualism in Kashmir, he appealed that the ‘Sarada’ lipi and ‘Kashmiri’ basha should also be revived. 

Earlier, the function began with lighting up of the lamp by Dr. Padma Subramaniam, Shri Kalanidhi, Shri Maalan and Shri Ajay Bharati. Melodious cultural programmes on music and dance enthused the audience.

Dr. A Kalanidhi, Former Vice Chancellor of Anna University said that in today’s technical era we must make use of knowledge from various sources. The philosophical works of saintly life of Abninavagupta is still relevant to the contemporary issues in our country. He further appealed that libraries which are treasure of knowledge should be linked with every other State. Regional Online updated-linked libraries will help flow of our culture and knowledge in a right way, he added. 

Shri Maalan Senior Journalist in his speech spoke on the history of ‘Alankara’ and ‘rasa’ in Dhvanyaloka. Explaining on the commentary made by Abhinavagupta on ‘Lochana’ on Anandavardhan’s Dhvanyaloka, he said that it was Abhinavagupta who established ‘Shanta Rasa’ in the literature. He further emphasized seeing different in one context (accepting plurality). 

Shri Ajay Bharati in his speech stressed the society should come forward to recognize the real Kashmir. Acharya Abhinavagupta is a great synchronizer and his works are still relevant to the present situation of our country. Acharya Sandesh Yatra which began in Chennai will end on 7th June 2016 at Beerwara Caves, he said. 

Shri Ma Ko Chi Rajendran, Co-ordinator of the event thanked the invitees and all those who rendered their support. 

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