Practice Social Harmony in day to day life - RSS at ABPS Meet

Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha

11-13 March 2016, Nagaur, Rajasthan

Resolution No. 3
Practice Samarasata in day to day life

Bharat is an ancient nation and it has a hoary tradition of thought process. It is our realization and conviction that both the animate and inanimate world are born out of a single element and the same element resides in all the living beings. All the human beings are equal as the same divinity uniformly pervades every being. Rishis, Munis, Saints, Gurus and social reformers have strengthened this truth by their experiences and conduct. 

Whenever our social structures and day to day conduct remained commensurate with these pre-eminent ideals then Bharat has been an integral, prosperous and invincible nation. When there was an erosion in practicing this noble philosophy of life, the society degenerated, a feeling of caste based disparity increased and an inhuman evil like untouchabilty was born. 

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha is of the opinion that each individual should conduct oneself with samarasata (social harmony ) in day to day personal, family and societal life on the basis of our eternal and timeless life ideals. It is this conduct that will eradicate caste discrimination, untouchability and mutual distrust from the society and all of us will experience an integral and samaras life free of exploitation. 

Nation draws its strength from the society and strength of the society lies in the integrity, spirit and conduct of harmony and fraternity. Our eternal ideals have the ability to create this. One should have conduct based on affinity, dignity and equality for all others as described in ‘Atmavat Sarvabhooteshu’ (all other beings treated as oneself), 'Adweshta Sarva Bhootanam' (malice towards none) and 'Ek Noor te sab jag upja, Kaun bhaley, kau mandey' ( From that one light the whole world was born, so how one is superior and other inferior). Any kind of discriminatory behavior and evil like untouchability should be uprooted altogether. For the smooth functioning of the society, it is utmost essential that all the social and religious institutions in the society need to steer the course based on our hoary ideals of life. 

Since time immemorial several great personalities and social reformers of our society have presented an integral view point of the ideal social life to the nation, emphasizing on the changes in the individual and community conduct consistent with time, place and circumstances for the creation of the society based on equality and free of exploitation. Their lives, ideals and actions are forever a source of inspiration to the society. 

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha humbly appeals to all the revered Saints, preachers, intellectuals and social activists to actively contribute to the enlightenment of the society in this context. The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha exhorts all the citizens along with swayamsevaks to maintain a conduct with samarasata and appeals to all the social and religious organizations to make every possible effort to strengthen this feeling of samarasata.

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