Cornea Andhatv Mukt Bharat (CAMBA) initiative by SAKSHAM inaugurated at Delhi

On the occasion of Jubilee celebration of Param Pujya Shri Guruji, Shri BhaiyaaJi Joshi inaugurated CAMBA (Cornea Andhatv Mukt Bharat Abhiyan) program initiated by RSS inspired organization, S.A.K.S.H.A.M (SAmadrishti KSHamata vikas evam Anusandhan Mandal) at New Delhi. After commencing the human project named CAMBA, Bhaiyyai Ji SAKSHAM has taken a mammoth pledge and expressed his full faith in the capabilities of S.A.K.S.H.A.M. S.A.K.S.H.A.M can only fulfil SANKALP by co-ordinating all possible energies. SAKSHAM makes sure that work progresses in organized way. However it should be constant endeavor of S.A.K.S.H.A.M to take along more and more people. It is the need of the hour as well. With a sense of pride, he reminded everybody that today is the birth date of second Sarsanghchalak Shri Guruji by Hindu calendar, a very auspicious occasion indeed.

He mentioned that when similar work was started in Nagpur, the first eye bank was named as “Madhav Netra Bank”. When a society contemplates and that contemplation becomes a pledge, it becomes a human cause and hence the good outcome is inevitable. He reposed full faith in the abilities of our nation. We just need to realize it and redirect it for right causes. When the direction is right so is the destination. When the strength comes from within, nobody can stop the forward movement. Kind of issues which S.A.K.S.H.A.M is able to carry is an ability in itself. Is there any better service to humanity than to donate an eye with which one can see the surroundings?

Means of this mission are neither physical resources nor scientifically fabricated goods. CAMBA mission is going to be a marvel in which a human is the meaningful resource. Then why should we all not participate in this pledge. Success of this mission is in our own hands.

A normal citizen of this country forms the basis of this pledge. There is a difference between donation and charity. We would like to see people participating in this charity out of self-motivation for a larger cause of humanity. Bharat is the most beautiful piece of land on this earth which values virtues of service and sacrifice. Sanctity of charity is associated with the innate feelings of a human being. If the innate feelings are sacred so is the charity.

Food donation is important, but the periphery of its influence is limited. It is not to underestimate food donation but to keep things in perspective. Food donation can satiate the need of one time meal. Similarly Knowledge donation can give direction to one person. However Organ donation brings light in the lives of so many. That is why it is said that while alive we should donate blood and when dead donate organs. Hence we need to awaken ourselves. Once we are awaken we can awake society. Giving away develops a sense of self-realization within that one have something to give which can help society.

Creating awareness about eye donation is important as this is the only way to establish a blind free society. Donating an organ brings about that happiness, fortune and blessings that no other materialistic asset in the world can bring about. This lightens up the life of someone bringing about an eternal happiness and blessings in one’s life.

Chief guest for the occasion, Health and family welfare minister Dr. Jagat Prakash Naddha commended S.A.K.S.H.A.M for commencing an auspicious work named CAMBA on an auspicious day. He offered his reverence to second Sarsanghchalak of RSS, Shri Guruji. He further expressed his happiness over the incredible work done by S.A.K.S.H.A.M as an NGO in the area of blindness. Efforts put up by S.A.K.S.H.A.M are very close to our roots which manifests its steadfast resolute and commitment. This forms the backbone of S.A.K.S.H.A.M. He narrated the efforts being taken by Government of India in general and Ministry of Health and Family welfare in particular in the field of healthcare. He mentioned that his ministry has chosen 184 districts from all the states which are lagging behind in healthcare. A special funding has been provided to these districts to catch up on healthcare services.

On the inauguration of CAMBA, besides Shri Bhaiyaa Ji Joshi as chief guest and Dr Jagat Prakash Naddha as distinguished guest, Delhi Prant SanghChalak Manniya Shri Kulbhushan Ahuja Ji, Ex-Secretary of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Shri Luv Varma Ji, Indian Medical Association President Dr S. S. Agrawal Ji, Under Secretary in Ministry of Health & Family Welfare Smt. Dharitri Panda Ji, National President of S.A.K.S.H.A.M Dr. Dayal Singh Pawar Ji and President of Jhandewalan Temple Trust Shri. Naveen KapurJi were some other dignitaries present on the occasion. In the end, vote of thanks message was conveyed by General Secretary and member of National executive Shri. Lalit Anand Ji.             

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