Bharat is a Hindu Rashtra, needs to strengthen, RSS

RSS’s All India Baudhik Pramukh Swant Ranjan Ji said that Swayamsewaks should possess character, vision, intellect and dexterity akin to God Hanuman. We should put in action the modus operandi of Dr. Hedgewar to accomplish the goal of sangh to make our eternal nation an omnipotent one. Bharat is a Hindu nation and we only need to strengthen it. It is our fortune that we are Swayamsewaks. Now that we have chosen to be so, we need to organize Hindu society. We should be the effective instrument to accomplish this pious work.

He was addressing the gathering of Swayamsewaks of Nagaur District before the commencement of Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha. Pujya Sarsanghchalak Shri. Mohan Bhagwat Ji too were present on the dais. Swant RanjanJi put forth 3 major goals for Sangh. First is Sadhya i.e. to take our nation to heights by means of inculcating good values in Hindu society. Second is Sadhak i.e. a volunteer who has immersed himself into the sangh work aspire to become a Shaligram. An entity which is in continuous endeavor to weed out distortions from its nature, interest and behavior. Third is Sadhan i.e the modus operandi which was devised by Dr. HedgeawarJi after deep contemplation, sense of History and deliberations with fellow well-wishers. 

Taking queue from the five virtues of Sangh Prathana he elucidated the importance of modest behavior and conduct. Citing Geeta, he emphasized the need to have pleasant and truthful conversation. Such a conversation acts as an aggregating factor. He also touched upon Panchsheel principals of mutual respect, nonviolence, non-interference, Equality and cooperation and peace. Hindu society lost its identity because of long drawn struggle with aggressors. It forgot that we are the off springs of great ancestry. We need to utilize our intellectual and physical strength towards the betterment of society. Practice makes us perfect and perfections manifests strength. He narrated some Sanskrit Shlokas which tell us that one who sits makes his destiny also to sit. One who stands makes his destiny also to stand. Destiny goes into dormant state if you keep sleeping. One who is always on the move so is his destiny. Hence we need to keep moving forward along with society. Sangh work is like a river in which all types of stones churn together to form a Shaligram.
On this occasion, Swayamsewaks performed Yoga, DandYog, Samata and a group song titled “Nav Rachna Sakar Kare”. Kshetra Sanghchalak Dr. Bhagwati PrakashJi and Prant Sanghchalak LalitJi Sharma were other dignitaries present on the dais.

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