ABPS calls for social harmony

Nagaur (Rajasthan), March 13, 2016
RSS General Secretary Shri Bhaiyaa Ji Joshi said that RSS is concerned over the prevailing atmosphere of discrimination in the society. From the land of Meera, RSS had called for social harmony in the society through a resolution. Every individual should uphold the sense of equality at Individual, family and social levels on a day-to-day basis, he appealed.

While interacting with media persons on March 13 on the sidelines of Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha of RSS, Shri Bhaiyaa Ji Joshi said that the Bhartiya philosophy given to us by great intellects, is known as Hindu philosophy, is by far the best. It is not proper that some wrong customs in society should lead to discrimination between man and man. That this discrimination should have arisen because of the behavior of some of our own is bad.

The pangs of the depressed sections of society should be borne in mind. Circumstances should not be the basis of any discrimination. We have built a society which is free from caste prejudices and untouchability. We would like to establish a society which is free from exploitation, has unity and harmony. Any form of discrimination must end. We ought to bring changes in our individual and social behavior in tune with changing times. Religious and social outfits active in society must also come forward in realizing this change. The Resolution sought the active participation of Saints, preachers, learned and social workers in this social awakening.

RSS General Secretary Shri Bhaiyaa Ji Joshi mentioned that Sangh is not fixated with past. On the contrary it believes in moving along with time. Hence we have been changing ourselves in harmony with the time. The knicker is not the only identification of Sangh. RSS is well known for other good reasons too. New Sangh trousers will also be identified with Sangh in coming times in the same way as Khaki shorts did. Shri Bhaiyaa Ji Joshi mentioned that trousers are designed in such a way that it should not inhibit any physical activity. Yoga, Cricket, Karate are some other physical activates which have already adopted trousers as an accepted norm. It may take another 4 to 6 months to formalize new dress code, Shri Joshi pointed out.

Sangh is growing irrespective of the government of the day. On the question of increase in number of Shakhas (a hike of 5,500 in last year), he mentioned that it is a continual process. There is a growing acceptance of Sangh in society. Sangh has managed to reach 58,000 villages. Sangh literature is being delivered in 2.5 lakh villages. Last year 14,500 volunteers worked as Vistaraks who stayed away from their homes during their assignment.
On the controversy of comparing RSS with ISIS, he just took pity on the level of political wisdom of the concerned.

On Reservation –

Commenting on the violent unrest in Haryana and Gujarat over the issue of reservation, he mentioned that it is a matter of deep contemplation for all of us. Reservation provisions made by Dr. Ambedkar in constitution were fair. It benefited the needy sections of society. Education levels were increased among Dalits. Affluent sections asking for reservation is not prudent. Affluent should forego privileges in favour of needy.

On the question of creamy layer getting the benefit of reservation, he suggested to have an scientific study and a public discourse for the same. We should scrutinize which individuals and communities are to get benefits of reservation.

Why so many obstacles in the program of Sri Sri Ravishankar-

Commenting on the controversy around Sri Sri Ravishankar’s program, he pointed to the possibility of several perspectives of the same. It may be the case that environment issues might have been compromised to some extent. Government already informed the concerned about the same and rightly so. A more amicable way-out should have been carved out for such a magnanimous and wonderful program. But if we continue to penalize credible social organizations for such matters in the name of law, we are basically weakening them. However there is no dispute on the fact that every outfit must follow laws protecting the environment. 

On JNU controversy

It is a matter of grave concern to all patriotic citizens. What to say about the psyche of people supporting them? Law will take its own course. May be such people will escape the clutches of law, but who was instrumental for such an atmosphere in the campus is the question every intellectual should ask oneself. There should be absolutely no politics on such matters. Irrespective of the government in power, National interests, National security and National integrity must be the priority for all. He welcomed the reactions made by agile citizenry of the country on this issue.

On the entry of women in Temples

There are thousands of temples all over the country in which there are no restrictions on the entry of women. Women have already made their mark in preaching Veda and other scriptures. If there are some restrictions put up by management in some temples then there might be some credible reasons for doing so. If there is anything unjustifiable about it then it should be resolved through dialogue, good wisdom and deliberations. To launch politically motivated agitation for such sensitive issues is not proper.

On the issue of Human Development Ministry asking Universities to raise their own funds, he termed it as a technical issue. We believe that nobody should be deprived of education on account of economic backwardness. The society and government should take credible steps to ensure the same.

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