RSS Haryana take oath to protect social harmony

Press Release

It is our prime duty to maintain the unity, integrity and social harmony of our country. It should be our endeavor not to get acrimonious and inharmonious whatever may be the issue.

These were the thoughts put forth by Dr. Devprasad Bhardwaj, Pranth Karyawah of RSS Haryana at a RSS meeting held at community center, Sector 14, Faridabad, Haryana. While appealing to the agitating masses in Haryana he said that all the problems can be solved in an atmosphere of patience, wisdom and harmony. That our social fabric is not harmed should be the responsibility of everyone. Destroying national assets and harming society is not beneficial to anybody. He urged all the intellectuals, distinguished citizens and saints to work towards establishing fraternity, unity, integrity and social harmony in the society. He emphasized Sangh’s belief that being the son of the soil we all are bound by fraternity. Brothers can be disassociated in opinions but there must not be any disassociation in hearts. We should be watchful about rumors and unscrupulous narratives. We should not get agitated based on misinformation thus behaving as responsible and learned citizens. 

He presided over the oath which was taken by all the participating members. This oath called for a complete dedication to the cause of social harmony and bound by the same forever. He directed all town and district level volunteers to get in touch with the distinguished citizens, community leaders, saints and political activists to keep a tab on any unscrupulous activities in society and help the administration to tackle the same.

This occasion was graced by many dignitaries from local RSS and BJP circles.

Rajendra Goyal

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