Refrain from vote-bank politics, Shri Ramagopalan in Chennai

A documentary video on injustice meted out to Hindus in Tamilnadu was released today by Shri Ramagopalan, founder Hindu Munnani and the first copy was received by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy in Chennai. 

Shri Sushil Pandit, Co-founder, Roots in Kashmir was the chief guest.  Speaking on the occasion he highlighted the threats faced by Hindus in Kashmir.  Quoting Dr. Ambedkar’s words from Volume 15, Page 306/307, he highlighted the dangers which Hindu society is facing today. He called upon the gathering to take the facts and facts should move in action. Dr. Subramnaiam Swamy emphasized on the Hindu united force in Tamilnadu. 
Shri Ramagopalan addressed the gathering and appealed the State Government to refrain from playing vote-bank politics and work on national interest. Shri H Raja, BJP leader was also present on the occasion.
Press Release

Islamic terrorism has been on the rise for many years and grown to monstrous proportions in Tamilnadu.  This Islamic terrorism has so far taken 134 lives and committed murderous attacks on thousands of Hindus. 
Anti-national, anti-social and anti-Hindu activities such as temple destruction, Love Jihad, violence against women, destroying businesses of Hindus, obstructing Hindu festivals and processions, cow slaughter, insulting national flag, national anthem and other national symbols, Pro-Pakistan campaigns, helping establishment of international terrorist organizations, perpetrating terror attacks, smuggling of arms and ammunition, indulging in fake-currency rackets, helping settlement of foreigners, attacking police personnel and police stations are being planned and executed.
As the political parties indulge in minority appeasement and vote-bank politics and the Government authorities yield to Islamic aggression and pressure, the terrorists gain in strength.  As a result, today, both the Government machinery and the police force have come to a stage of capitulating to Islamic fundamentalism.
More than 300 incidents such as the Islamic terror acts that have happened in Tamilnadu Government’s indirect support by turning a blind eye towards them and partiality by political parties have all been documented and 3 DVDs have been released for public.
This documentary has been produced with a triple objective of creating awareness about the growth of Islamic terrorism in Tamilnadu, to get justice to the victims of that Islamic terrorism and to make Central and State Governments to rise to the occasion to bring Islamic fundamentalism under control.
Hindu Munnani requests the patriotic people to realize the imminent danger, rise to the occasion in a show of unity and face the threat.  It calls upon the Government authorities to act courageously and straight forwardly.  It appeals to all the political parties to refrain themselves from playing vote-bank politics and work hard focusing mainly on national interest.

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