Education should establish good human beings in society: Dr. Mohan Bhagwat

Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghchalak, Shri Mohan BhagwatJi, condemned the current education system and suggested that rather than making pupils job seekers, education should thrive to make them good human beings. He suggested that policy makers should take the queue from the successful experiments conducted by establishments such as Punaruthan Samrasta Gurukulam at Chinchwad (Pune) and set the direction of education in our country.
Punaruthan Samrasta Gurukulam at Chinchwad (Pune) is run by Krantivir Chaphekar Smarak Samiti. MohanJi was speaking at the occasion to celebrate a decade of this institution. Shri Amar Sable (MP), Dr. Vinay Sahastrabudhe, Dr. Prabhakar Mande, Chairman Shri Girish Prabhune, Adv. Satish Gorde were some other dignitaries who were present on the occasion.
MohanJi said that education is inevitable for humans. And hence it is the fundamental right of every human. But is current education system capable to fulfill all the needs of a human being? How many have access to education? He expressed his disappointment by saying that current education system is neither making us self-respecting nor self-reliant. Every human being should know how to live a respectable life. Primary objective of any education system should be to tell human beings how to live.
An education system to emasculate self-respecting Indians was put in place by British. If that was not sufficient, we compounded the issue by continuing with the same system post-independence. This has only harmed us as a society. We ought to change this system. He also emphasized the need to bring the deprived in the main course of the country. Institutes such as Gurukulam should impart that strength in the deprived. He also stressed the need to impart education in mother tongue.
Dignitaries from various fields were facilitated by Shri MohanJi on this occasion. A book named “Abhinav Shaikshanik Prayog Simhavalokan” too was inaugurated during this event.        
Pune (VSK)

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