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Seva continues, Livelihood materials distributed

Phase III Rehabilitate materials distribution programme was organized at DRBCCC School, Perambur today by Sewabharathi Tamilnadu along with Dr.Hedgewar Smarak Samiti, and BMS.  Livelihood materials like blower machine, iron-box table, auto service, cement sheet, handicap vehicle, plumbing tools, welding machine, umbrella tools, saloon rotating chair, fishing net building material kit, fruit basket, grinder, idly gundan, thallu vandi, tailoring machine are some of the materials distributed today to around 193 people.

Cine Fame Gangai Amaran, Sembium SI Ukkra Pandian, Everwin Matriculation School Correspondent Purushothaman, RSS Chennai Mahanagar Kalyan Singh, Prant Seva Pramuk Ramarajasekar, Sevabharathi State President Duraishankar and others participated.  Shri Gangai Amaran was enthused to be the part of this event.  He said that he will serve the society and be one among Sevabharathi to serve. Shri Ramarajasekar, Prant Seva Pramuk elaborately described the seva activities during recent Chennai Floods.

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  1. RSS, was, has been and will ever be a truly national organisation!
    I salute the workers!