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Sevabharati honours Army today in Chennai

Today (December 16) being Vijay Diwas day, Sevabharati honours Army for their heroic and bravery service in Chennai Floods.  Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered his Pakistani troops to Bharat Army on this day.  93000 Pakistani soldiers surrendered with arms of ammunition during 1971 Bangaladesh Liberation operations. Whole nation salutes Army heroes on this historic day.
RSS Sevabharati volunteers in Tamilnadu and other states served the affected areas with devotion and dedication along with Army in Chennai Floods.  More than 5000 volunteers participated in rescue operation along with Army.  1350 persons were rescued.  Sevabharati volunteers distributed nearly 21 lakh food packets; 133 medical camps were conducted so far.  23000 people were benefitted in medical camp. Sevebharati served in 118 relief centres in Chennai floods. 
Swami Vimurthananda, Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai will bless the event. Smt Subhashree Shriam of Shriram City Union Finance Ltd. Head will preside the event.  Sevabharathi to honour Lt. Col A Raja Pillai, and Col. D Pratip Kumar (Retd).  The event will start from 6 pm at Alagappa Matric School, Purasaiwalkam, Chennai. 

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