RSS Swayamsevaks touch human hearts in Chennai Floods

          One of the worst areas affected during the recent floods in Chennai was Urappakam, next to Tambaram.  A dam nearby was blasted at 3 points at night time as a result of which water flooded the houses in the locality upto 6 feet high.  As a result people lost all the belongings in the ground floor of their houses with mud entering many houses.  It was a traumatic experience that night for all the people in the area.
          But the Swayamsevaks of the locality, whose houses themselves were affected badly, swung into action immediately and were involved in rescuing operations wading through neck-deep water.  For rescuing operations they used a JCP vehicle which could only go through the gushing water.  The following days, milk supply was stopped and wherever the vendors acquired milk, they literally sold milk at Rs.100 per litre.  Since the Swayamsevaks were going around the area throughout, they found that in many houses children were crying for want of milk. So they decided that the immediate need was milk and that they should somehow procure the milk and give it to the houses in need of it.  With great difficulty they purchased 65 litres of milk from outside and at night time wading through neck-deep water knocked the doors of houses and enquired whether there is a child in their houses.  If the answer was in the affirmative, the Swayamsevaks gave ½ litre of milk in that house.  Like that they supplied milk to more than 120 houses.  This left a lasting impression in the minds of the inmates of the houses, because they knew how much effort the Swayamsevaks would have taken to reach their houses and that too with a caring attitude for the children. 
          Some of the inmates of the houses were not only impressed by the above act of Swayamsevaks, but also were inspired that they should also contribute their might in the relief operations.  Result – 1) one person approached our karyakarthas and informed that though he has lost articles worth Rs.3 lakhs, he wanted to contribute 10% of the loss to the relief operations. However since he could not pool that much money immediately, he will be contribute 1% of the loss for the relief work and will contribute the remaining 9% afterwards.  2) Another person came to our relief camp at Tambaram in new clothes (white dhoti and white shirt) and said that he wanted to help in the relief operations.  When asked the reason, he told that he was inspired by the timely help Swayamsevaks in distributing milk for the children amidst all odds.  He further added that since he had lost all his clothes due to water entering his house, he has purchased new clothes and has come to assist in relief operations.  He whole-heartedly involved himself in assisting the Swayamsevaks in the relief camp. 

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  1. No amount of words can portray the untiring efforts of the swayamsevaks