Inspiring examples of RSS volunteers in Chennai Floods

            The recent floods in Chennai caused an extensive damage in various parts of Chennai.  In many areas, water let off from the nearby dams, entered the houses all of a sudden and was there for nearly 3 days (minimum). Added to this, there was power failure for almost 1 week and the drainage water mixed with flood waters in many houses.  As a result, the people living in those areas underwent a traumatic experience.  Further, there was extensive financial loss due to damage of double-cot, beds, cars, two-wheelers, A/C, fridge, washing machine etc.  Amidst all these calamities, the Swayamsevaks in those areas, still under trauma, came out and are involving in the relief activities helping the needy persons.  The following are the 3 such inspiring examples of Swayamsevaks from West Mambalam area of South Chennai, which was one of the badly affected areas of Chennai.
1. Swayamsevak from well-to-do family: A Swayamsevak from well-to-do family is still to come out of the traumatic experience.  In front of his eyes, on one fateful night, he saw water entering his house like a flood all of a sudden.  Along with him were his aged parents and his younger brother (mentally challenged). Added to this was power-cut and communication problem (both landline and mobile were out of order). Though the Swayamsevak is in his 30s, he could not lift heavy objects because of some health problem.  Whatever things he could lift he shifted it to the first floor.  Since there was not much time to shift many things, many household articles were badly affected.  A conservative estimate of articles (fridge, washing machine, invertors, cot, bed, wall paper, bullet etc.) affected will be around 5 lakhs.  Still there is foul smell inside his house.  However, the inspiring part is the Swayamsevak is carrying on the immediate repair works in his house and is simultaneously involving himself in the relief operations being carried out in his area by Swayamsevaks.  In fact, his house has been converted into a centre for relief operations.
2. Swayamsevak from middle-income family: Water also entered the house of another Swayamsevak of the same area , who is living with his aged parents.  After shifting them to his relatives house nearby and after finishing the minimum work needed for his house, he started visiting the swayamsevaks houses daring the rains and wading through the water which was flowing upto hip level in order to ascertain the condition of the swayamsevaks in his area.  Even now he is working round the clock involving himself completely in the relief operations. He is so restless on seeing the plight of the people affected, that he barely sleeps 4 hours in the night.

3. Swayamsevak from the lower strata of society: One can imagine what would be the fate of the swayamsevak from the lower strata of society.  For 3 days, the entire family were in the streets because of water-logging in their house, the swayamsevak sometimes sleeping in the buses parked on the roads.  Even now he has not recovered from the traumatic experience, since the family lost everything that was in their house.  In spite of this, he is moving around his locality helping the affected people. 
            There are innumerable examples like the above, not only in West Mambalam area but also in other parts of Chennai and other districts.       

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  1. It is a bad experience to be forgotten. Service by many RSS volunteers, I saw. Now only, I understand that they too were affected personally and still took the volunteering work.