Chennai Floods – Health Camps

A strong team of 50 doctors, 12 medical & pharmacy students from various parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have poured into Chennai to offer their help. A total of 10 teams were formed and they went about to conduct 40 camps in various parts of Chennai. About one lakh affected people were examined and necessary help was extended. Majority of the people were suffering from Athlete’s foot due to prolonged exposure to stagnant and contaminated water. The other common ailments that the doctors treated and prescribed medications were for skin infections, respiratory illnesses and water borne diseases. The local RSS volunteers helped in setting up the camps and maintain order in them.

The unique aspect of these camps is, it’s just not about treating people but also educating them about preventive care. The doctors spoke at length about general hygiene to be practiced and also suggested them to use the Maha Sudarshana tablet which helps boost the immunity levels.

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