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If this is not communal what else is?
Urdu will be made compulsory if DMK returns to power in Tamilnadu, assured M. K. Stalin, treasurer of the party. He was responding to the demand of Muslim muthavallis who had been invited to interact with state the son of M.Karunanidhi in Vaniyambadi on November 3. This happened in the locality with a sizable Muslim population. Earlier, Stalin posed for photograph surrounded by archakas of temples in another town. These scene were enacted as part of Stalin’s tour of the in Rahul style, riding scooters, sipping tea at roadside tea stall etc., are seen as his image reboot by observers. His party not only lost power in 2011 Assembly elections, but also found itself relegated to the third place in the Assembly.

Ancient Siddha remedy effective for dengue; to be patented

With the onset of North east monsoon, Tamilnadu witnesses frantic efforts by government departments to ward off dengue fever, spread by mosquitoes. Establishments like hotels, shops, etc., are fined for not removing mosquito breeding sources. Door to door inspections by health officials to look for water stagnation are reported widely. But, the one effective remedy for viral fevers including dengue is ‘nilavembu kudineer’ (a syrup of 23 herbs ; it is the gift of ancient Siddhas to mankind). Health secretary J. Radha­krishnan was reported to have admitted that Nilave­mbu Kudineer played a big role in controlling the dengue outbreak (in the previous years). “The government came out with ads promoting Nilavembu Kudineer as patients showed significant improvement. Now, we need to patent the medicine”, the official had added.

Beef party thwarted by gomata in Tiruvannamalai

Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers and Artists Association, a group of left leaning activists, triggered tension with the police arresting around 50 participants in the holy city of Tiruvannamalai when the outfit tried to defy a police ban on its beef party on November 1. Local residents had been worried that with festivals approaching, such an anti Hindu act would have serious repercussions. Some of them approached Hindu organisations and BJP. A gomata pooja was promptly announced to be held just across the road where the miscreants were to hold beef party. The police were thus armed with adequate reasons to thwart the left outfit’s misadventure.

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