RSS Sarkaryavah press statement at Ranchi

In the beginning, Sarkaryavah Bhayya Ji Joshi lauded the media for publishing news items with positive vibes which send an optimistic message in society. He emphasized the 90 years of RSS experience in social arena. It is essential that Sangh activities are viewed with affirmation.

In past few days, some powers have been attempting to castigate Hindu society. False allegations are being leveled against Sangh which believes in respect for all. This is absolutely deplorable. Every year Sangh holds two important meetings to review Sangh activities. One is the meeting of Pratinidhi Sabha held in March and another is the meeting of Karyakari Mandal held in october-november. As usual Sangh activities were reviewed in this year's Karyakari Mandal meeting.

Incessant efforts of Sangh volunteers have caused the number of shakhas to increase by 10500 in the whole country. Total number of shakhas in whole country amounts to 50400. 91% of these are attended by people less than 40 years of age. 9% of shakhas are attended by people over 40 years of age. By this account Sangh can very well be considered a young organization. There is a misconception that Sangh is an urban organization. It is not so. 60% of Sangh activities are taken up in rural India whereas rest 40% is in urban areas. Sangh volunteers have reached in 90% of tehsils. Of the 53000 Mandals(1 Mandal constitutes 10-12 villages), more than 50% are experiencing the presence of Sangh activities. “Join RSS” website has been launched to reach out to youngsters. In last 4 years, there has been a consistent increase in the number of youngsters approaching Sangh through this website. This number was 1000 per month in 2012 which has now increased to 8000 per month in 2015. This shows a tendency of youngsters to get associated with Sangh.              

SarkaryawahJi mentioned that the current emphasis is on Sewa activities and the rural development. A need is being felt to work towards water conservation, water management and water culture. If we work together, we can obviate a serious water crisis. Future planning of Sangh activities will incorporate activities in this regard and Sangh volunteers will execute the plan. He praised the Swachhata Abhiyan initiated by central government and insisted on making it more effective. Sangh volunteers will provide their hands for this too. Sangh wishes to see a pollution free and addiction free Bharat.

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