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Eighth National Conference of Saksham begins in Kanyakumari

Eighth National Conference of Saksham - RSS inspired organization for physically challenged people began today at Vivekananda Kendra, kanyakumari. Kumarakoil ashram Swamini poojya Yogini matha, Thalakkulam village Arumugam hospital Neuro physician Dr. Arumugham, Saksham All India President Shri Dr.Milind Madhav Keshavraj , Saksham Tamilnadu State President sri. Govindarajan, Akhil bharathiya Seva Pramukh Ma. Suhas rao Hiremath, All India general secretary Shri Sri Ram Agharwal ji were present.

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  1. A couple of days back, a former Police Officer who worked in Maharashtra, one Mushrif unabashedly accused the nationalist RSS of being the No.1 terrorist organization in the country. He said this at a rally of some three lakh Muslims in Kolkata this week. It is quite obvious that this man must be an ISI agent who was instrumental in the manufacture, arrest and torture of several innocent Hindu activists in so-called terror cases. The man seems to be an ISI agent. What is the Modi Govt.'s reaction to this challenge by the anti-nationals? Will RSS persuade Modiji to take stringent action against the culprit? He may prove to be a prize catch in unraveling the "Saffron Terror"/"Hindu Terror" conspiracy!