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Conversion was violence

The Supreme Court has awarded life imprisonment to two youths (Kamal and his friend) for killing a Muslim man after he married two Hindu girls who later converted to Islam, reported The Times of India on October 20. Conversion was behind the killing and the accused had threatened to kill Sultan Meeran, a resident of Coimbatore, after he married a Hindu girl who converted to Islam, observered the SC bench. The accused had warned Sultan that he would be killed if he converted other girls as his act was creating "danger for Hindu religion". A month after being threatened, Sultan married another Hindu girl and she too adopted Islam. Enraged over the conversion, Kamal and his friend stabbed Sultan to death while he was partying in a club in 2003, revealed the SC order. 

Yet another girl-found-dead-at-school news

This is the latest in a never ending series of girl-found-dead-at-school news reportsTamilnadu in (The New Indian Express, September 12, 2015): A Dalit girl, K Sivasakthi (17) studying in Class 12 in the government-aided RC Little Flower Girl’s Higher Secondary School in Usilampatti near Madurai allegedly hanged herself in the hostel warden’s room. In the case registered based on a complaint by S Kumaresan (45), the girl’s father, it was mentioned that the girl complained of frequent illness and was taken home for treatment by him. Only four days ago she was taken back to the hostel. But the FIR did not state that illness was the reason for the girl’s suicide. Police said the girl attended school in the morning as usual and wrote the Tamil Paper I test. In the afternoon, she did not attend classes and was later found hanging using a blanket inside the vacant warden’s room. The hostel does not have a warden.

Saudi man Cheats Woman via Facebook

Abdul Kadhar from Thoothukudi works as a driver in Saudi Arabia. He created a fake Facebook account in the name of Alex Jebasingh and befriended one Karthiga. through a common group. He had introduced himself to her as an orphan and managed to create sympathy. After being friends via Facebook for about six months, Kadhar proposed his love to Karthiga and she too accepted his proposal. Both got married at Tiruchendur Subramania Swamy Temple on November 15, 2013, after they eloped. In the meantime, Kadhar returned to Saudi. After the marriage, Karthiga found out that Kadhar was a Muslim and had cheated her by providing false information. She also found out that Kadhar had two children by a previous wedlock. Karthiga encountered Kadhar with her findings; he informed her that he did not like his first wife and had decided to divorce her but could not owing to shortage of money. Hence he had asked Karthiga to give her jewels to secure a divorce. Believing his words, Karthiga gave away her jewels but Kadhar did not divorce his first wife as promised. Following that she called Kadhar and demanded a reply from him. But he threatened her. It was then she filed a complaint at All Women Police Station at Thoothukudi.

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